November 25, 2011

Blog launch

Okay girls, we’re leaving in 5 minutes!” my mother would shout upstairs. “Where are we goooooooing THIS time?” my sister and I would whine back simultaneously.   “We’re just running a FEW errands.” “Oh no!” we thought. For errands was code for MODEL HOMES.

I couldn’t remember my multiplication and division facts, but against my will I could remember that Pulte was better than Beazer, and Toll Brothers homes were my mother’s favorite (no offense if you own a Beazer).  We spent countless hours greeting the ladies with a lot of lipstick and too tight black suits who greeted us in the first home, welcoming us to “our new and exciting home-buying adventure”. Little did they all know we weren’t there to buy, my mom was there to spy on paint colors, furniture, and all things related to design.

I never understood what my mom liked so much about model homes. It was torture to me! The toilets rarely worked, the TV’s were just plastic replicas (which meant no Disney while I was waiting), and the food in the pantry was artificial. The only fun part was running around the house as quick as I could to pick the best room before my sister got to it. I usually won. Once the thrill of I SPY, and climbing through the doggie door wore off, my sister and I would whine and complain until FINALLY, we could go home. If we were lucky, the model home extravaganza would end with a McDonalds kids cone. Yum yum.

Little did I know, through my poor ADHD brain, that I was learning. As the years went on, I began to understand colors, symmetry, lighting, and architecture. I found myself desperate to create and when I was old enough to drive, I would often visit Michaels and Joann’s searching for projects. Although I never wanted to admit it, design wasn’t just a part of my Mom, it was a part of me. So thank you, Mom, for your constant voice in my ear. You’re the most creative and wise person I know. Thank you for providing me with a such a colorful gift that continues to grow.

So girls and boys, young and old, near or far, design savvy or not, welcome to a Kup of Katie! Join me on my journey through life, marriage, and blueprints of many successful and unsuccessful projects. Sit down, get comfy, and allow me help to you take a break from your busy day. Introduce yourself (please), or stay anonymous, just fasten up and join me on my new extravaganza.




  1. Oooooh this is so fun.. I always love ur style and all your little stories! I look forward to reading in the near future.

  2. Love it Katie!! I'm so excited you're doing this! I'm so excited to read your words and share in your journey through your blogs! P.s. we would do the exact same things, run to find the best rooms haha love you Biggy!

  3. Thanks little!!! I love you so much! Thanks for the support :]

  4. Jenna always beat me there :(...I was stuck with the boy's airplane room most of the time. haha. So excited for your blog! Good job, and I love the background choice xo

  5. kates. didn't know it was possible but i just fell in love with you even more. i'm so proud of you. damn lumpy throat. AHEM!!!

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