December 22, 2011

A few of my favorite things...

These are a few of my favorite things...this week. Let's be real, I'm LOVING winter break. I've been able to sleep, exercise, shop, clean, socialize, read, and cook! I feel like I'm actually LIVING this week and seem much more attentive to things I actually like. So, I've bundled up a list of a few of my favs!

1. Cappuccino Lip Gloss. Remember this 8th grade gem? I brought it back to life. AMA-ZING.

2. Barre Las Vegas. I can't sit on the toilet and it hurts to lift anything, but I'm obsessing over the workout. Feeling fabulous is well...fabulous.

3. Nonfat Greek Yogurt with agave nectar and chia powder. You know when you haven't had something in a while and then reintroduce it? It's like your on a first date again. Um...deliciousness.

4. Kodak Picture kiosk at Target. Did you know you can upload pictures straight from Facebook? Such a time saver! It has come in handy for Christmas Gifts!

5. Last but not least: A negative prego test. Enough said.

Living a stress-free life has awoken (or awaken?) my senses.

Hakuna Matata.

If I don't post before Christmas, have a very merry one. Remember to wish Jesus a very happy birthday.

<3 ka ka ka Katie.

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