December 6, 2011

Don't be blank.

Synonyms for blank: empty, vacant, bare, uncomprehending, void, bemusing.

There have been flashes in my life that I felt just blank, lacking all zest and delight for standing up each crisp dawn. I’d find myself witnessing an unearthly sunset; a picturesque scenery full of color, vibrancy, and warmth to my skin. I’d gaze, with no sentiment or liking. I was void to all creation, unfortunately, by choice. I remember lying white knuckled curled up in a ball, attempting to make sense of what life was handing me. I was vacant inside. Nichole Nordeman sang to me:

“I've never known a fire that didn't begin with a flame

Every storm will start with just a drop of rain

But if you believe in me

That changes everything

You make me want to be brave.”

Eventually, my vacancy was occupied, and my black and white existence turned colorful again.

If I’ve learned anything about life (and design) in the last few years, I’ve discovered that blankness exists all around us. I’d use and hear the term “blank canvas” over and over again. Now that I recognize I view life with an artistic lens, I’m able to recognize when a table, wall, bed, or any ol’ space needs some color added to it. When I see a space become occupied, I don't just see it, I feel it; it makes me joyful. The major blank space in my home (actual home, not the symbolic mushy soul home I’ve been discussing), has been table.

Here is a gallery of my Thanksgiving and Christmas table settings! I never thought I'd live in a home that always had the table set. It always seemed to "fancy" too me. But MAN, I love it, and it's not too fancy at all. The doily runner is home made. SO easy. I just bought a few packages of different sized paper doilies at the local craft store. I randomly (kind of) placed them together and hot glued them. I used the same runner for both tables because I liked it so much! My favorite part of the whole table is my music note place mats. I took an old music book and used an antique stamp pad to make each page appear aged. Easy as pie. The peacock feather was used to add color and break up all the warm colors. Then I put the whole thing together on a gold charger plate and TA DA!

For Christmas, I wanted a worldly table to go with the rest of my house. I'm pretty much obsessed with burlap and twine and use it as a neutral color whenever possible. I love the texture more than anything! I exchanged the gold charger plates with red, and chose to go with a simpler look. I added a small touch of fresh rosemary just for a dull green color and pine-like texture. Mixing the glass and galvanized buckets for the center piece creates a more comfortable look, and less fancy. Just my style. Again, my favorite part is the homemade map place mats. I literally just took an old large atlas (garage sale!) and tore the pages out. The final touch was the map candles. And it's complete! Hope you enjoy and get some decorative ideas to spice up your holiday season!


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Somehow, somewhere, we have all experienced blankness. If you haven’t yet, prepare your house, for one day the storm will come. But there is hope and life, my friends! Prevent a little darkness by adding color to your home; It will simultaneously beautify your soul. So go, and occupy your blank spaces!

Antonyms for blank: filled, occupied, sufficient.

Reread the antonyms, and live them.

With bravery,


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