December 19, 2011

ghetto girl.

Hey hey hey! It got a lil' crazy in the Gum's home today. The MVP (hubby) is away for his birthday (boys weekend=nutty wife). I'm working on my domesticating skills.

I got a little carried away.

I kind of danced my brains out.

Alone. While cleaning.

Dude, the Party Favorites station on Cox really made my toes tap.

Apparently, I think I'm ghetto.

I have the butt, right?

Dont' judge, because I had a blast. You see, the MVP has excellent domesticating skills. Um... I don't. Shouldn't it be the other way around? I wanted to surprise him and have the toilets scrubbed, dishes washed, and laundry complete. I was tired of Christmas music, so Party favorites it was. I was pretty chipper already because I miss him and get to smooch him tonight! As I was sweeping, Beyonce's Bootylicious blared and before I knew it, I was a ghetto dancing machine.


Every girl needs to sing and dance. Alone.

Cleaning took a little longer, but at least I burned some extra calories. AND, the MVP will still be proud.


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