December 30, 2011

My challenge to you and yours.

I'm working on my weaknesses this new year. I'd love to help you using some of my strengths.

If you don't know your resolution yet, LET ME HELP YOU.

Here's my challenge to you: travel this year. 

I have had numerous discussions with strangers and friends about traveling.

I get it; it's hard to find the money and it's hard to find the time.

MAKE IT A PRIORITY, and you will be jet-setting, I promise.

Here's how you can accomplish your goal:

1. Pick your destination...first.

It's easy to save when you have a desired goal and you're excited about it. Pick a place that you can cozy up to your adorable partner, do something wild, and bring the spiciness back into the relationship. Bottom line, if you both are not excited about it, you won't go. Be excited!

2. Decide how long you'll be away.

It could be three days or it could be one month.

3. Put it on your calendar.

If you have kids or pets make arrangements for them NOW. This will save you so much stress later and it's only fair to those generous grandparents whose going to watch the kiddos! Once it's on the calendar it has priority over graduations and other events that may come up. Choose fun and spiciness over everything else!

4. Tell your boss.

The sooner the better. Duh. Stop taking sick days for laziness. Choose your paid time off days WISELY!

5. Plan your trip!

Although this seems like the stressful part, it's NOT. It's the exciting part! Do your research. Decide if you want a relaxing resort or an adventurous backpacking rendezvous. Plan activities and events that you want to do on your vacation. It's important to get excited...together! Talk to people who have already been...word of mouth is a great tool. Really think about BOTH of you and what you would enjoy as a couple. Remember...spiciness!

6. Start a saving plan. 

Once you know the destination, you'll have a better idea of how much you need to budget each month. As a team, figure out what you will need to save to do this trip smart. Loading up your credit card...not smart. You'll feel so great knowing you saved and worked hard to enjoy it.



Spending quality FUN time as a couple is vital to a healthy relationship.

Start to finish, it will bring you closer.

The planning. 

The packing.

The doing. 

The memories. 

So worth it. 


Here's some trip ideas for you and  yours this next year!

Wine tasting in Napa or Temecula

Palm Springs for spa and golf


Grand Canyon river rafting and fishing...Fun!

Caribbean...stunning and exotic

Northwest...cozy and comfortable

Camping in Yellowstone

Sporting Events

New York City

Costa Rica...good for surfing and excellent resorts

Cancun or Cabo all inclusives favorite.

A Mediterranean cruise...a great way to see Europe for the first time

An African Safari...Spiciness.

Glamping (glamorous camping) google it.

The list is ENDLESS.

If you need help or want suggestions I'd be happy to help!

Happy planning and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Ka ka ka katie!


  1. Or, you could hop in the car with your hubby, and jet on over to San Diego to visit your mom and dad! What, isn't that spicy enough?

  2. haha. spicy...yet. But I need MORE :] Let's road trip...togetha!