January 8, 2012

Fun, flirty, and so me.

Warning! Gentleman...this is not for you. 

Okay. I'm totally sucked in once again. I claim I don't really watch TV, but it's a lie. Now that The Bachelor is back on you'll find me gleefully parked on my cozy sofa every Monday night. The MVP knows it's the two hours a week NOT to mess with me. None of this checking the scores channel hopping on the commercials business. It's all about me...and Ben Flajnik of course.

Tomorrow 18 girls and Ben will travel to his hometown: Sonoma, California. I'm certain it's going to be week of wine and whiney women. Two lovely ladies will go on a one-on-one date with Ben. What would you wear if you were going wine tasting with Ben knowing millions of people would be eyeing you? Well...thanks to I've created what I would wear.

Fun, flirty, and so me.

wine tasting with Ben Flanjik

The Bachelor. 8pm. Mondays.

Join me my fabulous ladies. It will make your case of the Mondays THAT much better.

Feeling extra flirty,



  1. Hey Katie! First: I am trying to find a way to watch the Bachelor in Delhi. Second: I just spent a half hour exploring It is SO cool! Thanks for introducing me. (And cute outfit of course!) Now what to wear wine tasting with Ben...

  2. haha I miss our bachelor talks. You must find a way to stay tuned!!! My sister introduced me and I'm hooked! It's so fun to play around. Happy clothes hunting! Let me know what you come up with :]