January 23, 2012

Turning twenty-five

I'm a little crazy.

I can't seem to gather my thoughts or effectively write them down. I'm scurrying for answers and feeling a wee bit anxious.

Today, I turn twenty-five. Holy crap!

I had great intentions of writing something poetic and meditative about turning 25, but fellas I got nothin'.

I'm jittery with excitement....and, well, kinda, perhaps, maybe a little fearful?

I'm slammed with thoughts from the past twenty-five years and flooded with the thoughts of the next twenty-five years.

Do I look forward or backward?

As full of thought as I habitually am it's ironic that I'm just thoughtless. Today. On my birthday.

Time out...I got it.

I reckon that's the substance here; savor the now.

Turning twenty-five seems like a mega milestone, but, I'm peacefully grateful for the present.

I'm rich in God's love, he who gave me breath. 

This day is not all about me. I wish a happy and hopeful birthday to:

Jon Mackin

Carly Profitt

Jimmy Spicuzza

and anyone else I may have forgotten.

Oh wait, meeeeeeee!!!

Cheers to recognizing the loveliness in the past, present, and future!



  1. It was such joy to give you your first kiss as you entered this world. I actually cut your cord, and you haven't stopped bringing laughter, joy and adventure to this crazy planet ever since.
    I miss you, and wish I was holding right now...on this, your very special birthday. 25...MY BABY is 25! Wow!!

    My precious Katie, PLEEEASE know that you are profoundly loved this day and always.

  2. Thanks for the tears, Mom!! I was sooo blessed to have you as my momma!!! Thanks for your protection and love 25 years and 9 months ago!!!

  3. though i cried the day you were born and reverted back to peeing my pants, i'm sure glad you stuck around. :)

    i love you, sister.