February 28, 2012

Oscars 2012

So, what did you think?

I was totally bored, as usual. I really like the red carpet show to see what everyone is sporting but I kept snoozin' during the awards.

Can you imagine the pressure?!

I'm so glad I don't live like that.

Here's my BEST dressed!

Drum roll...please. 

Emma Stone. What a sweetheart, right? She looked incredible and she made me laugh with Ben Stiller.

Maria Menounos looks magical. I'm obsessed with her whimsical gown. Ow ow!

Okay. I'm sorry, Sarah. I like you, but your style is NOT working the red carpet.

Sarah Hyland=my worst dressed.

ACTUALLY, I have two.

Maybe I should know who this is, but I don't.  Her dress looks like it needs a fire extinguisher.

Hottest male men:

A facial hair memo must have gone out prior to the awards. I love me some facial hair. Nice look gents, nice look.

That's a wrap!

ciao ciao.


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