February 19, 2012

zumba zumba zumba green green green

I'm totally hooked.

My ass shakes like whoa.

My entire body drips with sweat.

I burn a whole lotta calories.

I feel sassy and sexy. ooh la la.

 I have a frickin' blast.

I'm totally hooked!

So...a few weeks ago, I became a licensed ZUMBA instructor. YIPPEE!

I'm still not teaching my OWN class. Not too sure I'm ready for that...yet. It's coming though and I'll be sure to update you when it does!

Maybe it's because I used to dance that I love it so much? Maybe it's because it feels like a dance party rather than a workout? Maybe it's because the room is filled with all shapes, sizes, ages, gender, and race? Maybe because the energy is contagious and people leave with a sweaty smile? Maybe it's because I rock out with friends? Maybe it's because it's a better interval cardio workout than I would do on the treadmill? Maybe it's because I got a new zumba fitness bra that I'm obsessed with?

Perhaps it is all of it.

I love to zumba!

If you haven't tried a class, GO! Don't be embarrassed to shake's pretty liberating when you do!

check out for more information on zumba.

Happy zumba-ing!

Post zumba workout I am SWEATY, hungry, and my endorphins are wild. A healthy green protein goodie is just what I crave. Here's my new fav...this week anyway!

Hence the GREEN.

This stuff is a GOLDMINE for peanut butter lovers. PB2: slow roasted peanuts then pressed to remove the fat and oil. It's 85% less fat and calories than normal peanut butter. SUCH AN INVESTMENT. You can mix it with water and it actually makes peanut butter. I use it on my apples! In my shakes I just pour in the powder. nom nom.

LIFESAVER. I use it daily.

Excellent source of calcium, Omega 3, dietary fiber, and iron. I love the texture, too.

My absolute favorite protein powder. I hate all the extra additives most powders have. This is the "cleanest" protein powder yet! No artificial flavorings, no artificial sweeteners, lactose and gluten free, ZERO carbs, and ZERO fat. Only 103 calories for one scoop but 25 grams of protein. Mixed with the PB2=heaven.

I call it my green yummy! A little sweet and a lot nutty.

Kind of like ME!

Have a healthy and blessed Sunday!



  1. Where do you get the whey protein powder and the PB2? They seem like they would be excellent additions to my plan!

    Thanks Katie!!


  2. Hi there! You can get them both at Freddie's Nutrition store. Most health or vitamin stores have the PB2 and most likely the About Time. Enjoy! It's so yummy!!

  3. How exciting!! I LOVE Zumba! You have to tell me when you start teaching! I take the Zumba classes at LVAC.

  4. awesome! I do too! we need to take one together! :)

  5. I am large busted; I am afraid to do zumba because I've never been able to find a bra that offers the right amount of support so my "girls" will not lose their size/shape. Do you have any recommendations for excellent support sports/zumba bras that will fully cover and keep the "girls" in good shape? Thanks.

  6. I beautiful Katie!! i was searching for a Zumba bra (I'm a new instructor---Praise the Lord) and found you!! Is the bra you have posted above for sale?? You are precious!! be blessed
    ~Beyond Measure
    (working on Zumba website)