March 4, 2012

A weekend away.


My family is awesome.

Last weekend I spend a short two days in San Diego to celebrate my Momma's birthday. Unfortunately the MVP could not join me due to boring ol' work. However, it allowed me to fly when we normally drive which I enjoyed much more.

It was a relaxing weekend filled with a farmers market, the beach, yummy food, and a LOT of hugs.

I love my family. I really do!

Happy Monday!!!



  1. KATIE:::We had such a wonderful time with you, and the rest of the fam as well! We truly DID miss your hubby, though!
    Let's plan to take in a Padres game---soon!! We'll make a picnic, put down a blanket, and watch the sun go down over beautiful, Padres Stadium.
    Come back soon, the door is always open...oxo mama

    Oh yeah, the beach says you're missed. :)

  2. Kates, did you try sea urchin? I've been dying to try it!!!!

  3. No! I thought it was sooo cool looking though! I'm not brave enough..yet. ha. I LOVE YOU!