March 24, 2012


I really like Saturdays.


This Saturday is mellow.

I like it.


I woke up with a snuggling pup, brewed some coffee, and debated whether or not to go to Zumba.

I was craving a more restful energizer, not a sweaty hardcore cardio morning.

So, I chose a peaceful walk outside.

I loved it so much; enough to blog about.


The weather is ideal as I sit on my porch and write.

This is one of my favorite things to do.

A candle, coffee, water, a pup, and a brain full of crowded words.


On my stroll I tuned into Chris Rice's Pandora station.

Chris Rice is one of my favorite Christian artists and I always feel loved listening to that station.

I couldn't help but pray.

I kept noticing all of God's creations. Creations that I tend to ignore on a daily basis.

You know, the chirping birds, the busy bees, the dainty flowers, and the crawling ants.

We're all coexisting, and it's pretty amazing if you ask me.

God, you are so good.

The farther our footsteps took us, the closer we came to a crowded park overflowing with proud parents, orange slices, and whistle blows.


Young parents were video taping, and I was like paparazzi sneaking photographs from the bushes.

It was a total flash forward for me personally.

I found myself a little teary, looking forward to THAT day.

The day I get to set up rickety chairs, and cheer my heart out as my cutie-pa-tutie trips and stumbles attempting a goal.

That look on the hubbies face knowing that our love created more love.

Again, God you are so good.

I stood there for a second, and prayed for God's direction and blessings.

Our future is his will, not our own.

All I can do is pray, and that is just what I did.

Halo enjoyed her walk very much. She was on sensory overload...She's never seen that many people and heard so many sounds! Of course, all the kiddos at the park loved her.

She felt special and I felt proud.

I feel totally out of control and completely trusting.

I'm shamelessly excited about my future with my husband and my dog.

 May you stop and pray and trust today.




  1. Happy Saturday! That picture of Halo on her looooong leash is frame-worthy cute! It was lovely to get a glimpse into your quiet weekend morning in Summerlin. It made ME flash forward to my next chapter with Danny. Can't wait to spend more time with our dear friends soon (and meet your sweet pup!)!

  2. YAY!!! I'll think you'll like your new life here. It's an adjustment, but I think it's RIGHT where God wants you. We can't WAIT!!!

  3. Hey Katie!

    It's so funny that you wrote about this today! Today was Cohen's first soccer practice and I had those same emotions. :) My heart just filled with love, and wow- we made him!

    Lots of love to you and Luke!


    ps. We loooovvvee your puppy! :)

  4. You make me miss you even more. Great blog ;-)

  5. That is so awesome. I can only imagine how that feels! Congrats! Our puppy is a doll... you need to meet her!!!

  6. I'll see you in a week pretty mama!