April 24, 2012

A new challenge.

Every morning I have my routine.

I press snooze about ten times, roll out of bed to start the morning brew, use the potty, check social media, and then do my morning devotional. When I have time after that, I blog.

My mornings are my favorite time of day.

I often wish I could spend two hours in the early morn just focusing in on healthy thoughts and allowing time to talk to God.

Since I don't do that, I can at least make time for twenty minutes.

And you know what, friends?

Those twenty minutes are shaping, building, and honoring moments.

Someone shared with me an excellent iPhone app for devotionals.


With this app, you can choose several different devotional plans and you can change the version of the bible to better your liking.

Here's some pictures for you visual learners!

1. Type in youversion in the app store. It is the first one that says HolyBible.

2. You'll be prompted to make a profile, no biggie. When finished, click on plans.

3. Then click on devotionals.

4. Choose a devotional that YOU feel interested in.

5. Start reading! Here is an example of one of mine that I chose.

I understand you may not believe in God, you may be unsure, or you may be totally against religion.

I'm not preaching a religion, I'm preaching a relationship.

I'm not preaching worthiness, I'm preaching grace.

Why not give it a TRY?

You may be surprised at what happens.

Be blessed today.



  1. Kates- You're learning the important lessons so well. Love you forever.

  2. Kates you're awesome. Check out another cool app called Our Daily Bread. Different short topics every day, can make selections too. It's audible so sometimes I go thru a few w/ Gamma ... we just sit and talk and enjoy with conversation and a beer. I have the same Holy Bible app on my phone, did you know it also will read to you? God is smiling on you.

  3. How did I get so blessed with TWO wonderful parents? Seriously? I'm always so proud. YOU'RE AWESOME.