April 29, 2012

Bad Blood.

Six weeks ago I found myself choking back tears feeling 100% depleted.

Tired. Emotional. Anxious. Mean.

My sister had finally convinced/bribed me to attend a free seminar that her doctor was giving on "Tired of Being Tired".

Her doctor is a Doctor of Osteopathy; my translation, doesn't accept insurance.

For over a year I was avoiding her doctor; I refused to pay without insurance because I was already covered.

Until I sat that Saturday afternoon, lumpy throat in that chair, feeling like I would break down at any second.

You see, a year ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

A normal Doctor of Medicine (MD) and an Endocrinologist put me on a low dose of Synthroid, a synthetic thyroid hormone.
 I learned hypothyroidism could cause difficulty losing weight, fatigue, hair loss, irritability, abnormal menstrual cycle, and many other symptoms.

Welp, It's been over a year and still feel

I assumed it was my thyroid, job, and well normal life.

Until that Saturday.

When I learned our bodies aren't designed to be tired 24/7.







Lack of perspiration.

Lack of concentration.

And SO many more.

That's my "normal", and probably most of your "normal" reading this.

At the end of his session, Dr. Thompson asked if anyone wanted to volunteer so he could test their blood.

I raised my hand so fast!

I was fascinated considering I check marked nearly every dang symptom on his 8 page Powerpoint.

I wanted to know what was REALLY going on in my 25-year-old 5-foot nothing body.

So, he called me up, pricked my finger, and put a small drop of my blood underneath a high-powered microscope.

Rather than only checking my blood count, he actually looked at my individual cells.

 The 25 people sitting behind me gasped while staring at the screen.

Sure enough my white blood were almost completely destroyed.

My red blood cells were filled with bacteria.

I could see the yeast overgrowth in my blood.

I was disgusted.

Yet, relieved to know I wasn't CRAZY.

Needless to say, I scheduled an appointment with him and patiently waited for the month to pass.

In the meantime I researched yeast overgrowth, for that was the only thing I was certain I had.

After two hours of sitting with Dr. Thompson for my initial appointment, my body and brain was done-zo.

In a nutshell I have:

Candida (yeast overgrowth)

Estrogen Dominance


low cholesterol

low blood pressure

adrenal insufficiencies

He ordered additional blood work to test my thyroid again and I have to go back to see him this week.


Here are some pictures of my bad blood

Above are my white blood cells... not supposed to look like that!

Here is an example of what healthy blood should look like:

The haziness in my blood is the yeast. If you look at my red blood cells, they are filled with bacteria (gross). The edges are ruffled and they aren't freely floating like they should.

I'm planning on breaking each one of these issues down for you...and me!

This in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM is supposed to be a pity me post.

All of this is curable!

The GREAT news is that I don't have to live in a fog anymore, and NEITHER do YOU!

The purpose is to raise awareness to take a deeeeeper look at our bodies.

If you are feeling off, start researching.

Don't settle for a normal that isn't normal.

This is some serious stuff IF you don't take care of it.

Do your homework!

Research doctors near and far that practice all kinds of medicine.

I'll be posting more about each concern and different methods of treatment.

Hooray for healthy living, right?!




  1. awww. we'll get better together, sista! :)

  2. Hi Kates! I just wanted to let you know that I too once suffered from Candida. If you need any advice on recipe substitutions or foods that can help fight the yeast let me know. I went through a little over a year of all of those symptoms, and more. I know how uncomfortable and frustrating it can be.

  3. It is frustrating! Thank you for the help! So far, I have a guide and have done a lot of research for a candida diet. I am always open to MORE! My biggest struggle is little snacks. I pretty much eat the same ones every day! Thank you!

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