April 18, 2012

He says, she says

Every person has their quirks, right?

In this marriage we are full of peculiar and unique...characteristics.

Being married you eat, breath, and sleep in the same space...

It can be like a ticking bomb waiting to explode if you don't learn to giggle over the goofy quirks of your spouse.

We somehow stumbled into a conversation of small yet "cute" things that totally drive us bananas.

Not a recommended conversation for married couples but actually...totally hilarious.

What could have been a knock-out drag out fight turned into a few good belly laughs and "Oh no you didn't" phrases.

So, we hope you can giggle with us as we share our somewhat quirky totally annoying habits.

She says:

1. Money. He handles most (all) of the finances in our relationship...even at restaurants. I don't mind that he always pays the bills; I actually like it. However, my dear husband insists on tipping to the final cent JUST so the bill will be an even dollar amount. He usually ends up tipping more just to create an even dollar. It has nothing to do with me...but I just don't understand it. In addition to the tip, he makes me pay with dollar bills, even if I have the correct cent amount. For example, if the grocery bill was $30.75 and I had that exact amount, he would make me pay $31.00 just to get a quarter back. When we return home, he gently reminds me to add the quarter to the money jar.

Why babe, why???

He says:

1. Katie thinks that every moment is a special occasion, meaning, a picture-worthy moment. An ordinary trip to Costco for toilet paper suddenly turns into a red-carpet event requiring not one, not two, but SEVERAL pictures on her iPhone. Why? We are just driving! I think in the last five years of being together I've faked more smiles than I should in a lifetime. I'm glad she captures our lives but photos of the exact same pose must be retired.

She says:

2. Alright. My handsome sweet lovable man is over a foot taller than me. I love his height...everywhere besides the shower. When we shower together, the water hits his shoulders and shoots directly in my eye. In fact, I can't even open my eyes without losing a contact! He doesn't understand what the problem is...probably because he is too busy peacefully hogging the hot water. I get it, we all want the hot water...but hot water and an eyeball shooting shoulder is out of control. I KNOW he gets some comic relief out of my painful cold shower misery.

He says:

2. It takes me 15 minutes to shower, shave, and get dressed...until I met Katie. After getting ready I leave the bedroom feeling clean, fresh, and put together for the day. Until I hear my little lady calling my name to come back. I feel like I'm getting called back to the principals office. Katie loves to check my hair or my if I can't handle it myself. Although I do find the wardrobe changes irritating I love her "professional styling" advice. It sure has saved me from a few wardrobe mishaps.

She says:

3. I REALLY admire Luke's work ethic. He works long hours...on his feet. The minute he comes home his shoes come storming off. When the shoes come flying off that terrible "stinky feet" odor claims the air in the room.

Enough said.


He says:

3. Katie is the most attractive and beautiful woman I've ever met. I truly feel like the luckiest man on the planet.

Until...the wrath of her flatulence hits my nostrils in the car.

I never knew a sweet and not-so-innocent little girl could pack so much heat.

And the worse part is, she thinks it's hilarious as I'm driving like Ace Ventura with my head out of the window.

We could continue on, but, together we decided to avoid the battlefield.

Marriage has its quirks.

And you know what?

We're totally okay with being quirky.

GO and laugh with your spouse for the things you will never understand.

WARNING: you could be stepping into dangerous territory. 

With Love,

The Gums

Ps: Luke actually wrote those!

(I nearly died laughing so hard taking these. I might do a post JUST of photobooth pics. Especially of Halo!)


  1. You two (three) are a HOOT! Dad and I miss you both so much!! oxoxoxo!!!

  2. Too funny! My husband is a money-nut (in different ways - he has a spreadsheet and he tracks every single purchase to the cent and I have to give him all of my receipts. He even breaks it down to "yogurt...$.050...Cheerios...$2.39...and so on for every item on every receipt.) and my constant photo-taking drives him nuts! We are getting ready to go somewhere and I grab my camera to his dismayed and very sarcastic, "Oh goody...the camera." Haha. We went on a hike recently and it was raining so I couldn't bring my camera on the hike and he was thrilled. I was sad. haha.

  3. I laughed so hard over this post. You guys are so cute! Me and Antwone have talked about our quirks and we laughed till we cried. Thank you for being so open about things that some people would be embarrassed to talk about. Luke's #1 and your #2 are my favorite :)

  4. I love how you love each other. Continue to find humor in "touchy" stuff.

  5. Well I'm glad you can relate! Luke is a money freak, too. Oh the FUN times marriage is! :] Thanks for reading!

  6. awwww thanks Angelica. Being open comes fairly natural...but it's much easier when people like you say things like this! I'm glad other couples are similar to us in this way... Thank you for reading!!!! :)

  7. katie....the shower thing....i have the same problem...i was dying reading this. I am always telling steve that the water can't hit his shoulder!!!! haha

  8. haha it's horrible! Thanks for reading!!! :]