April 26, 2012

wife problems.

T'was the night before grocery shopping, when all through the house,

the cupboards were bare with a very hungry spouse!

The husband relaxed and the pup in her bed,

while thoughts of dinner danced in their head.

 I  scoured the pantry and arouse such a clatter,

realizing we had nothing is what was the matter.

Alas! I found tuna and flew like a flash,

not knowing that later it would end up in the trash.

"Now tuna! now, olive oil! now, sea salt and broccoli!

On, one egg, on rice flour, on onion mashed sloppily!"

To the top oven rack! Not to touch the oven wall!

Now bake away! Bake away! Bake away all!

As the clock continued to tick and to tock,

I was praying the food would smell better in Bangkok.

I had high hopes that my that my creativity would be grand,

Little did I know it would taste so dang bland.

I sprang to my kitchen, and to my team gave a whistle,

 and away they both flew like the down of a thistle.

But, then I exclaimed, as my tuna meatloaf came in sight,

"Let's all get take-out, and call it a night."

Happy Friday.

Ka Ka Ka Katie!

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