April 30, 2012

You've got mail.

I love getting the mail.

We've made it a small family tradition.

Husband holding hands with Wife + Wife walking pup + Husband getting the mail = nighttime mail time

I really quite like it. (I'm saying this in a British accent, just for fun.)

However my dear friends, I love receiving mail even more.

Last night I received two pieces of mail from my Mama.

Sweet, simple, and ever so thoughtful.

Thanks Mom, for the little memories that you've stored in your heart and in a shoebox.

Who knew that as a 7-year-old I had so much wisdom and faith?

Here's to a day of childlike belief.

You in?


  1. Kates- your wisdom is frame worthy! love you!

  2. You always were and always are a great source of joy and smiles to me.

  3. You're too good to me, Dad. I love you so.