May 23, 2012

A silly and serious before and after.

Why are we so hard on ourselves?

I've spent the last 8 weeks in a mind battle every time I approached food.

The thinking and contemplating was constant.

I did my best every day, but...I certainly wasn't perfect.

I spent all day yesterday with a pit in my stomach feeling nervous that I didn't do good enough. 

I wasted energy feeling insecure about my efforts...why???

Why is it that we are plagued with guilt yet we've done the right thing?

I love being certain, and I should have been, yet I let uncertainty fog my brain causing worry, stress, and doubt.


Why do we doubt ourselves, people???

I'm asking the question yet I know the answer.

It's a four letter word; that word and I...we're FRENemies.

Get it? Friend/enemies, smarty pants.


Fear is why we doubt and succeed.

I love fear and I hate it.

 Today, I'm quite thankful for fear.

Fear of living with bad blood pushed me to have great blood.

Get ready to give me a standing ovation because I DID IT!!!

8 weeks later of eating yeast-free, taking natural supplements, and researching...

Thank you, Thank you, OH thank you!

Please forgive me. I'm feeling half silly and half serious.

Can you tell in my writing???

I'm super stoked!!!

I was so worried that all my efforts would NOT pay off.

I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to do it.


But, I did it.

So can you.


I was so excited I had to celebrate!

Now, I still have to eat gluten-free forever.

However, yeast-free is MUCH more difficult than gluten-free.

When Dr. Thompson said "You can stop the yeast protocol" I nearly pooped my pants while leaping out of my chair to hug him.


The MVP had a fancy work dinner but my sister was more than happy to celebrate with me.

I drove my happy ass straight to Whole Foods and raced to the gluten-free section.

This is what I came home with.

gluten-free booze.

gluten-free frozen pizza

gluten-free cookie mix

and, a very willing and supportive sissy. (not our best picture but who the F cares?!)

We totally binged (sp?) on beer, pizza, and cookies and it was SO worth it.

Thanks sis for your LOVE.


I came home with more goodies (I have to be excited for them because THIS is my new life)

So basically, I'm hinting at YOU saying, "cheer for me!"

So be excited.

This is my new adventure!


So you are aware, I am still working on my hormones, thyroid, and adrenals.

But I've crossed out Candida, baby!

Have an attitude of gratitude today.

It's what God wants us to do.




  1. So happy you are feeling better!!! I feel better too and I am not technically allergic. Sleeping better and I have more energy. One of my favorite Gluten Free dinners if you like spicy which I love is super simple and so yummy!!!

    Sweet Potato Hash!
    1.5 sweet potato
    1 package 99 % Lean Ground turkey Jenny 0
    1/2 cup to 3/4 cup Arriba fire roasted mexican red salsa ( hot)
    1/4 onion diced
    Olive oil

    Peel potato and shred sweet potato with cheese grader. Saute onion and olive oil then put sweet potato in a larger pan. Your going to cook it for about 8 minutes. It is not going to be crispy it will just be cooked.

    In another pan at the same time cook lean ground turkey season with sea salt, pepper, and garlic powder.

    Once the meat is cooked put in the pan with sweet potato and poor salsa on top of meat and mix everything together for about 4-5 min. Its really spicy so I hope you like

    Let me know if you want me to text you pictures!

  2. Hooray Hooray Hooray ... 'atta girl!

  3. YAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I'm so excited for you! I don't know you at all. I just stumbled across your blog and and I fully get why you are so excited. I, too, have candida. (Well I, NOT you, have candida) . . . as well as thyroid problems, low hormones and adrenal fatigue. I have learned that all four of those commonly go together, so it always makes me go "hmmm" when I find others with those exact same things.

    I have been on the candida diet with supplements for 7 1/2 weeks now. Other than a bit of increase in energy, which my doc says is probably simply due to the lack of sugar in my diet, my symptoms haven't really changed much. I anticipate being on this for some time, possibly many months. You are incredibly blessed to be free of candida in a short time. I implore you to be careful not to allow them little buggers back in!

    The pics you showed are amazing! Are those actual pictures your doctor took? My doc diagnosed me from a for intolerance test. I was highly intolerant to yeast.

    Anyway, I'm celebrating with you in your newfound freedom in eating.

    Here's to better health! :)

  4. Well Hello!!! It's so nice to hear from readers, especially like this! Thanks for reaching out. The pictures were actually taken on my iPhone straight from the computer screen that I was looking at. It is called a dark field test. I highly recommend finding a doctor that does them. I'm surprised your not feeling better... I was WAY less bloated very quickly. PLEASE let me know if you have anymore questions...I'm hoping I'm Candida free for a long time. Good LUCK!!!

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