May 31, 2012

Down and dirrrrty

43 frickin' days.

The buzz has been brewing....and brewing... and brewing....

Now that I've been doing the down and dirrrrty planning I'm ready to go!

Foremost, I can't believe it is almost a year since I married my main squeeze.

He's totally going to kill me for uploading a picture of JUST him JUST so I can show him off.

I'm sorry. (NOT)

Those green eyes, your strong jaw, and slightly scruffy chin are just TOO hunky!


It's been almost been a YEAR since we wed.

To celebrate, we leave for the land of yummy pad thai, gorgeous beaches, and exhilarating adventures...

in 43 days.



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Happy Tersday, (as they would say in Ireland)!

A need more coffee, didn't get enough sleep, happy it's almost Friday,



  1. Well he is quite a handsome one! WOW cool. I wish i had heard more about this when we had our end of the year party. I was pool bound with the kiddos....I'd love to hang out with you more, so interesting and fun!!!!

  2. hahaha well I'd love that, too!!! Thank you for reading! I'm looking forward to CAMPING together!