May 10, 2012

On the go healthy choices!

In my previous post I discussed yeast, the symptoms, and gave you a rundown of my yeast-free diet.

I highly encourage you to start a research project on yeast to see if you may need some cleaning up!

Like I said, it is often misdiagnosed because the symptoms can look like so many other things.

You know your body; get to researchin'!


Planning and preparation is KEY to any diet, especially this one.

Allowing yourself to become starving is a BAD idea.

Here is a few of my MUST HAVES in order to be successful.

1. Homemade guacamole. Super healthy, green, and yeast-free!

Will post recipe in a different post. Be patient :]

2. Hard boiled eggs. A GREAT on-the-go snack! It is preparation that is worth it!

3. Berries. YUM! The key is to wash and store them RIGHT when you get home from the store. They must be ready for you!

4. Celery. A great snack with the guacamole or nut butter (not peanut butter!) Washed and ready for you. I keep mine in water so its crispy and cold!

5. Picture your refrigerator with all four of these healthy choices staring at you. It will prevent you from grabbing the carb-loaded crackers! You must be one step ahead of yourself.

Whether you are following a yeast-free diet or not, it's important to prepare healthy food items to make healthy choices.

Good luck and give suggestions for me, too!

<3 katie.

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