June 24, 2012

Have you been STOPPED lately?

It's a good morning to write.

My world is still other than a spinning fan and a playing puppy.

My coffee is a little too strong but still delectable to my taste buds and cozy to my tummy.

I've got morning eyes and morning hair AND I'm certain morning breath. YUM.

I woke naturally taking deep inhales and long exhales; it took no thought or effort.

I like that.

A slight smile crept as my puppy licked my face, happy as ever for a new day.

I like that, too.

There was no rush. No alarm. No thoughts...

At first.

Within minutes of my natural calmness my mind and body begin to beat at a faster pace.

To-do: laundry, zumba, packing list, thaw the fish, walk Halo, call my little, blog, pray.

WHOA. Instant belly-flop on my calmness with a huge wave of....blahness. (I couldn't find the perfect word so blahness it is).

Why do we do that to ourselves?

Why do we starve ourselves of peacefulness just to chase chaos as if the waiting world is so insanely important?

AND, why is my to-do list SO out-of-order?

As I stood up to find my glasses to go pee I practically had a blinking red eight-sided STOP sign posted in my bedroom.



Naturally, the deep breaths returned and instantly my to-do list was rearranged.

I peed.

Then, I stopped and prayed.

I read my bible, caught up on devotionals that I skipped, and chose to write.

Just as rapidly as the chaos arrived the chaos departed.

Just by stopping. Just by praying.

Today, I noticed the STOP sign but how many STOP signs do I ignore?

 I'm comfortable with the stop signs I encounter every day. I usually don't stop all the way rushing to places I pretend are important. Until, with no warning a NEW stop sign is posted on the road. The whole world, including myself, slams on the brakes to stop at the unexpected red eight-sided rival. It's a bit alarming and often a bit frustrating. However, we stop and curse the lack of warning.

Yet it becomes routine and we go about paying no attention to stopping...

Well, today was the new stop sign causing me to slam on the brakes at alarming speeds; for the first time, I enjoyed it. I welcome it more often.

I like sharing these kinds of moments.

I enjoy reading, hearing, and listening to others STOP moments.

It helps me remember to refocus my life-lens and challenges me create a life crowded with love.

Love for God, love for others, and love for myself.

Have you had a STOP moment recently?

Please share.

It's only 10:00 am; what other lessons and deep breaths are headed my way?

May you notice the STOP signs begging for your attention.

Take a full stop, don't just roll through it, for they are your ally.



PS: Houston, we have a PROBLEM. This is the LAST of the toilet the whole house. #housewifeFAIL


  1. I need to work on stopping! I just go, go, go, go. Even though sometimes I am feel like I am doing nothing.... I realize my mind is racing. Making to-do lists, shopping lists, cleaning lists, everything lists. I just need to turn it off sometimes. I think that is why I like sleeping :)

    Thanks for the post Katie!

  2. We must think alike! We don't even notice it until BAM, we break apart. Thanks for YOUR time to read! Pool date...SOON?!

  3. I had a stop moment today as well. I have been rushing like a mad-woman to get all of my homework done in time and this morning I just went outside and sat in the sun and let it hit my face and was grateful for all that I have. =) Now it's back to the grind...but that was nice.

  4. Insightful and funny blog, honey:)

    I'm currently enjoying a book called, 10 Mindful Minutes, by Goldie Hawn. The caption under the title reads,

    ****** Giving our Children---and Ourselves---the Social and Emotional Skills to Reduce Stress and Anxiety for Healthier, Happier Lives******

    This book is rich with scientific data that supports the belief that we all need to take time to be still, give our minds a chance to rest and reflect, and allow ourselves to experience that which is truly important.

    We, along with our children, are drowning in a stressful sea of mindless minutia that can not only clog the passage way to learning, but to our precious, peace of mind.

    This book isn't your average self help read.

    My thanks to Goldie Hawn for the much needed wake up call!

    Love you, Kates!