June 6, 2012

I'm such a mom.

"Put your helmet on."

"I don't care who started it."

"Call me when you get there."

"Why aren't you wearing a jacket?"

"Eat your vegetables."

"You know I love you, right?"

and my favorite...

"Because I said so. That's why."

I found this funny and touching image that is spot on.

Thank you girl from Paris...who ever you are!


 The truth is Mom's are SUPERHEROES. Like FOR REAL, people.

They have this ability to steadily hold an umbrella of protection over their family, near or far.

They are supplied with love and adoration for their children and patience that always replenishes.

God designed a mother's love so intensely and SO unique it seriously blows my mind.

To all the mommies out there, here's my big fat cyber hug to you!


The REAL purpose of this post is because I'm a Mom.

I'm a mommy to a firecracker with velvety black and white hair.

She's distinctive with mismatching toenails and pointy ears that are unfailingly vertical.

She uniquely sports an underbite; baby crooked teeth poking through in all.

Her bottom lip is especially "pouty".

She's 8 pounds of cuteness, I tell you!

She's been such a bright spot to our little two-person family.

I'm being such a mom.


I'm worried sick and she's not even a human.

Little miss Halo is getting spayed today.

Pre-mommyhood, I remember one of my closest friends teary-eyed over her doggies getting fixed. Alyssa asked me to pray for them and for her to get through it.

I did.

But, I didn't quite understand her GREAT worry she had.

Until, now.

I totally 1oo% get it.

So all you readers out there, will you please pray for Halo and her mommy and daddy???

I'll report on her status in a later post.

I'll take some cute, cone-head pictures!

Thanks to all the mommies for adding so much love to this world.

AND, thank you to all the readers who continually inspire me to keep writing.

Have a blessed DAY!




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