June 28, 2012

Video blog #2...


Since going "gluten-free" I've come across several...let's say...challenges.

Things like meeting a girlfriend  for cocktails, date-night, family dinners, weddings, snacking, traveling, and ANY restaurant adventures revolves (is revolves the right word usage?) around....gluten. Well, the lack thereof, I should say.

That stinkin' little protein has controlled conversations and robbed me of my joy of casually dining out.

However, living without stomach pain and foggy brain is far more worth it!

It just takes time. Right?

So, on my way out to a wedding, I quickly filmed my "tips" for having a successful gluten-free wedding adventure!

Click HERE to see!

I'm gearing up for a gluten-free Fourth OF July. 

 I'm pretty excited to eat clean, healthy, and gluten-free this year!

 Email me your heathy recipes for Fourth of July and I'll share them on the blog!



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