July 10, 2012

A big thanks and special trailer!

First of all, I just want to say thank you to all who read this.

I have received an abundant amount of kind words and loving emails that continue to inspire me to write.

It is my prayer that whatever this blog is supposed to be, it will be just that.

Thanks to you it has continued to grow and gain more and more readers.


Many of you have asked if you can share my blog with others. ABSOLUTELY!

 Please, share away!

From the bottom of my heart (the MVP and Halo, too) we say THANK YOU!


Alright guys, we leave for Thailand in two days.


Yes, I'm stoked...but...I'm busy!

You know how traveling goes...the planning, packing, cleaning, the list goes on...

I've tried to still focus on the purpose of our celebrate our one year wedding anniversary!

We were wed on July 15th, 2011.

Since we will be overseas for the actual day I figured I'd post it early.

Marriage is so cool and it MUST be celebrated.

Here's our wedding trailer from nearly a year ago!

I love you, MVP!

I'm going to try to post tomorrow so stay tuned!




  1. Ill say it a million times...I LOVE reading your blog! I wish I was as talented as you :)

  2. You are as talented you crazy!!! Thanks for reading...seriously!