July 13, 2012

Bang-KOK. Why do they call it that?

Well HI!

First things first. Why do they call this place BANGKOK? BANG-KOK. We still follow it with a "that's what she said". Seriously. Bang-KOK. Why?

Oh man. Also the MVP and I can't stop
making a gong sound. Ggoooonng. It's been two days and already there has been SO many moments of weirdness. All we know to do is a noise and it seems to be our code for "weird asian things". It's been quite a cultural adjustment!

Alrighty. If you follow me On Facebook or instagram you already know that we arrived safely...obviously. It's been a cRaZy two, or is it three days? Getting to Thailand is not easy... I complained just about all 28 hours and the MVP "loved it" (he's so easy to please, dang it!)

I got super lucky on the 12 hour flight... I was literally praying for a good person to sit by me. I felt like I won the lottery when a cute girl with a small midwest accent began to slow down at aisle 48a. Thank heavens! Her name was Lauren and we are pretty much BFF. More to come about lovely Lauren at a later post... So we finally arrived at 3:00 am Bangkok time. After a rather twilight zone taxi ride we finally made it to our cute and modern hotel. The nice young man upgraded our room to a "suite". Sweet!

And we emailed family and then crashed...

So now we sit with hot pad Thai and a cold cocktail after a long and interesting day of site-seeing. We will be very honest here... Bangkok is NOT that awesome. I mean... We are finally relaxing but today was a lot of bargaining, a few cuss words, and a minor incident with a man in a tailor shop. Don't ask.

We did however really enjoy walking around the Grand Palace, taking pictures with the massive buddha and making friends at breakfast.

We aren't surprised with Bangkok nor discouraged. However, we are really looking forward to Chiang Mai and Phuket!

Some things we think are amusing:

1. It's so hot and humid here that my glasses literally fogged up when we walked out of the airport to the taxi. (like when you open a just washed dishwasher). The MVP laughed and guided me because I was helpless and blind. Awesome!

2. The streets smell like burnt sewer or fish or some nasty fromunda cheese. Nom nom.

3. The MVP has managed to find a new sport to follow... He's yet to know the name but its set up like volleyball but played like soccer. You can only use your hands and head. Looks hard!

4. Our hotel is in the coolest district for nightlife. Yay!

5. The Thai people are very friendly! But we get a sense that you can't trust anyone.

6. The MVP feels like the Jolly Green Giant towering over all the asians. I blend right in!

7. Were a little nervous to get a massage because Lauren (my new BFF) warned me that two people she knows had their feet fractured from a massage! Holy moly! Also, we don't know which massages to order... We don't want to end up in a vulnerable position, if you know what I mean.

8. I'm pretty much going to be a walking blimp because there's no way to eat gluten-free. Praying I don't have to use my diarrhea meds.

9. Tomorrow is our anniversary. !!!!!!!!!!!

10. Duddeee we're in THAILAND. how cool is that?

Welp. We're off to go explore some more! We hope you know that we really are enjoying our time even though we laugh about being scammed, scared, and sweaty. We feel so incredibly blessed to have each other to enjoy this adventure with. We hope you enjoy our short story and a few photos thus far.

Stay tuned peeps!














  1. yay!! have fun and try to find all the places Ashley went on The Bachelorette hahah :)

  2. Allyson VassalloJuly 14, 2012 at 1:22 AM

    your comment about how it smells.. made me laugh outloud... when i came home from macau people asked me how it smelled (for whatever reason) and i said "dead fish, mold, and urine".. sounds like thailand is about the same.. haha.. HAVe soooo much fun!! dont be afraid of massages.. the foot massages do kinda hurt but it feels great later on.... especially from all the walking you do!!! :) God bless and Happy Anniversary!!! :)

  3. Fun read. Happy anniversary! You are loved.

  4. KATIE!!! I've just had a chance to scan your blog, but it looks like you had tons of fun! I'm excited to read about your trip! I just got in last night a little after midnight. I'm with you on the jet lag! I laid in bed at 4am, eyes wide open. :-( Thankful to be back home with my man!! I want to catch up soon!!

  5. Lauren!!!! HI! I'm dying to hear how your trip went! I'm going to link my blog to yours very soon here...Your wedding is SOON. YAY!!!!!!!!! I'm glad you made it home safely. I was praying for you!

  6. Thanks, girl!! I was ready to be home. We're down to 47 days until the BIG day!!