July 18, 2012

Elephants, cooking, and squatty potties in Chiang Mai!

Yo. I can't sleep. Ugh!

You know how frustrating it is to be
on vacation and NOT sleep in?

I lay once again turning back and forth (loudly so the MVP will wake up he he).

I thought it would be a great time to pray, praise, and well write. So I'll do all three!

Where did I leave off last time? I believe the tiger day... I'll post another picture of the tiger that I didn't post last time. I showed you the baby one but we also spooned the BIG CATS. Not gonna lie. It was frightening. But soooo cool! I have some better pictures on my real camera but you have to wait another week!

Okay so after the tiger day we booked a whitewater rafting/ride the elephants day. One of the best days yet! Unfortunately I have ZERO pictures of the rafting because we couldn't take our cameras, however, I have LOTS of the cute ellies!

You guys, we were in the jungle of Chaing Mai alongside the Maetang River. I kept repeating that it reminded me of Jurassic Park. Then I stuck my arm out and asked the MVP to pinch it, just to make sure this wasn't a dream. The backdrop looked like a postcard...stunning, alive, and lush. There we sat with an elephant below us swaying back and forth eyes set on God's incredible landscape design. This was no zoo elephant riding, this was as real as it gets. Do you know how incredible those animals are? Man, God you amaze me!

I'm realizing that as I travel I grow a deeper love for God. Let's face it, the more I see and witness the more powerful and rich his love feels. I constantly feel so blessed and stand in awe of his work. He so purposefully created every corner of this world; I'm
determined to witness it all. His creativity never gets enough credit!

So yesterday we did a Thai Cookery Class! It was awesome! It was extremely organized, delicious, and fun. I highly recommend it to future travelers. Even the MVP enjoyed it; actually, he was top in his class for spring rolls. HA! And he looked cute in an apron...

There was one minor, no MAJOR, problem. Take a guess?

When your cooking in Chaing Mai and you feel like you might die... Diarrhea (clap clap) diarrhea (clap clap)

Or how about this one:

When your eating your pad Thai and you hear the battle cry... Diarrhea (clap clap) diarrhea (clap clap)

Here's another:

When your tummy is doing karate you must run to the squatty potty... Diarrhea (clap clap) diarrhea (clap clap)

You get the idea, right?

Not fun. AT ALL.

Hmmm. Well were not ONLY doing tours. In the other hours we are enjoying massages (we've literally had 6 each already!) and chatting over coffee and cocktails. People watching is the best here!

Today we leave Chaing Mai (sad!) BUT adventure to the beautiful island of Phuket. We are SO excited to relax, explore our hotel, and watch the sunset!

Again, thanks for your love and kindness for us.


Ps: how's everybody at home? I've talked ENOUGH about us... Fill me in!













  1. that's my dress, you poop!!! haha jk. glad it's having so much fun without me!! :D

  2. This just amazes me times a million. I literally got a massage a few hours after reading about you pinching, punching stretching massage and had to hold my laugh in as she gave me a deep tissue massage. I was almost tempted to talk about it. I currently have strep throat and let me tell ya when your pregnant you can't take any cold medicine, soothing, nighttime medicine, nothing!!!!Try strep throat, feve and the shakes with three kids that have to be taken care of, I will take the runs any day over strep throat, while pregnant. One more thing my awesome little family is moving to Vegas. Maybe you can help me start my blogging. You inspire me in so many ways! Stay safe