July 2, 2012

Live blogging?

Hi ya'll! I've never done a live blog from my cell phone... This is new for me! I'm currently waiting to board my flight on my way to San Diego. What are your plans for the Fourth of July?! I'm soooo excited! The MVP is joining me Wednesday so I'm a solo traveler this Monday morning... Boo!

I'm doing a lot of people watching sitting here...bored. I'm telling you Las Vegas has to attract the wildest variety of people! I really enjoy it! It's quite refreshing seeing ALL different colors, shapes, and styles of life. I find myself imagining stories behind their sad or happy faces. I like to imagine where people have been and where people are going. I like to spy on what their reading or eavesdrop on their cell phone conversations. Please, tell me I'm not crazy. Am I?

I'm off to board my first flight. Chat soon!

Alright. I'm a huge fan of magazine subscriptions! Without these quick and dirty reads my ADD peaks as the plane climbs altitudes; with them, it's only mild irksomeness. I've snapped a few pictures of things I found amusing. (Anything is more amusing than the stinky-vagina-smelling-old-woman sitting to my left. HELP!)









Well, I've reached my destination! I'm off to give my momma a huge hug and chitchat over delicious quinoa burgers (we're headed straight to the Burger Lounge!) Live blogging was rather fun. I think I'll partake in the future! I hope you enjoyed adds a little variety to the bloggity blog blog!

Until next time my readers! Bon voyage!

Xo. Kates

Ps: the aroma on my second flight was much more pleasurable. Thank goodness.

Pps: I have no clue how this will look as it posts so be patient with me!

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