July 15, 2012

Travel update!!!

Holy schmoly! There is much too much to write about!

First and foremost, Thank you for all the "happy anniversary" messages... It really meant a lot to us! We had a beautiful day :)

Second, I have a new love for the Asian culture. These Thai peeps are the friendliest and happiest folk! Seriously. Our second day in Bangkok was incredible and it made up for our first day. I feel guilty for being so annoyed at first; all I needed was a good slap in the face. I came here to love the culture and all I was doing was finding it confusing and well...annoying. New day, new lens! And, honestly... It's been GREAT!

There have been countless moments when we look at each other and say "holy cow, we're in thailand". Honestly, it feels pretty surreal...we feel so incredibly blessed.

Of course, there has been more "funny" moments. We braved the Thai couples massage. It was a little strange because they brought us to a small dark room and had a new wardrobe for us. Mine was 90 sizes too large and looked so silly. I was in such a giddy mood and found it hilarious. I don't know any other way to describe my massage other than it was ALOT of pinching, slapping, pulling, heeling (shoving heels), stretching, and punching. IM NOT JOKING. The MVPs was nothing like mine. He had oil and looked zonked during the whole
Thing. I think I pissed my girl off because I was a living pretzels gasping for a breath the whole time. I could not stop laughing... I actually peed through my pants a teensy bit. Whoops! All those crazy positions, I couldn't help it! I kept asking the MVP if he was okay in hopes that he would open his eyes to see me all twisted and he never did! It left me and my girl...all alone. I'm a little more prepared for the second one, should I choose to again.

So yesterday we went to the floating market, snake show, and elephant park. We didn't ride the elephants because we are doing that tomorrow. The market was so cool! Again, another moment that felt so surreal. We both agreed we would rather be no where else. That doesn't happen all too often and everyday this trip we have said it everyday.

Which brings me to my travel schpeel. WE LOVE TO TRAVEL! I seriously pray that all you readers out there GO. there is a whole life out there that can't be explained in a silly blog. It takes effort but really is life changing. Last night, we went to the Sunday night market in Chiang Mai and we both got a foot massage and a back and neck massage (it cost us 8 US dollars for one hour... For the BOTH of us!) and I sat there almost in tears I was so happy. I focused on each sense and felt completely overwhelmed. There is no way to describe it and to all my fellow experienced travelers I KNOW you know what I'm saying. It was just surreal and I URGE you all to step out of your comfort zone. GO!

Okay. I have a waiting husband and a town to explore! Quickly, today we rented scooters and drove to Doi Sutep and the Tiger Kingdom. This is just a sneak peak people! I have to save some goodies for later! ;) oh! I got a picture with a monk... And crossed it off my bucket list. Yeah buddy!

Enjoy the pictures! Much much more to come for when we return. For our parents and worried friends.. We are safe! Please don't worry.. We are being wise and safe...spooning tigers shouldn't worry you at all!

All our love from the newlyweds + 1 day!!



Ps: tomorrow we are white water rafting and riding elephants! Ahhh I love vacation!

Pps: for your own understanding please google a Thai massage :)



















  1. Julie Van WagenenJuly 15, 2012 at 11:06 PM

    Glad to hear you survived the streets on a motor bike!! Bravo

  2. Ha! Seriously you werent joking about how crazy it was!!!! It was a BLAST! I love this place! Can we please go together next time?!

  3. You go kids! Keep having a wonderful time. Thanks for the updates -- keep them coming along with the pictures. It's like we are traveling with you. Love you! Hugs and kisses.

  4. Im seriously dying and laughing out loud at the massage part! you are hysterical.. glad you are having a good time!

  5. Thanks!! It was interesting! I want to catch up when I return!'