July 1, 2012

Unseen footage of our engagement!

Alright. The MVP has this weekend off, YAY! He  is currently golfing at the moment with his brother and I'm about to pool it up with a bestie. However, I couldn't help but rise with a butterfly in my belly.

Luke and I leave for Thailand in 12 days.

We are going to cEleBraTe our one year anniversary!

WOW. Time flies. There is much more to come regarding the is not the day or blog or vlog for that.

Today is about how it all started.

For those of you that don't know, akupofkatie is not my first blog. I began blogging when I ventured off to Africa in 2007. I would write on and off and continued to write through our journeys in college, traveling the globe, and  leading up to the big moment I said YES.

The blog still sits in a small corner on the internet. I haven't spent enough time figuring out to merge the two together or decided if I really wanted to.

You can grab some popcorn and licorice and go read my old blog here:

Perched in that corner you shall find funny, deep, adventurous, authentic, and vulnerable moments.

As I prepare to celebrate one year I'm reflecting on how it all began.

It seems fitting to re-post such a wonderful memory.

Our engagement.


As a little girl with a theatrical imagination, my love story began long ago in a far away land. I still treasure my innocent memories of embracing my stuffed monkey dreaming, hopelessly romanticizing, that he was my prince charming who longed to rescue me from the wicked castle (which was really my wooden loft that my dad built for me). My childish artistry of playing house and baby dolls came naturally; the deep seeded passion to love and be loved existed not only as a 6-year-old in an enchanted land, but followed me to this very moment. The moment I said YES.


You see, folks, the appetite to say YES did not just begin the day Luke and I met. The hunger for love began as individuals living a life that was once foreign to each other. My engagement story would lack genuineness if I went straight to the punch line; life before Luke has allowed me to answer the most valuable question ever to be asked. That question being, “Will you, Katie, marry me and be my wife?”


Life prior to Luke was filled with dance recitals, best friend forever necklaces, and crushes at summer church camps. I still remember being in 8th grade listening to a church lesson about decision-making. “The decisions you make growing up will affect your future. All of your choices and actions now will impact your relationships in the future”. It was then and there when the realization of a “spouse” set in. I knew from the deepest depth that my one-day-to-be husband was out there, existing in the same world as me.


I was young, but overwhelmed with questions, thoughts, and dreams about this person who I would one day call my husband. Who was he? What was he doing? What was he like? Is he cute? Does he wonder about me too? When will we meet? What are his interests? Where does he live? What is his story? I wanted to know it all, the curiosity soothed me to sleep night after night.


From then on, I began to pray. I prayed for HIM to be safe. I prayed for HIM to be wise and make good choices. I prayed that HE would have a heart for Jesus. I prayed that HE was happy. I prayed that once we met, he would love me forever. I asked God to pick the perfect man for me and watch over him so one day I could hold him and love HIM forever, too. No joke, I even prayed that if I were really lucky he would be tall, dark hair, and have green eyes. I guess God really does listen. My heart grew beautifully heavy for this boy; God and I knew that I was undeniably already crazy about this mystery boy.


Well what do you know, this boy turned into a man and one week and two days ago, this man got on one knee and asked me to be his wife. Here is my memory of the moment I said YES.


I eagerly greeted my sisters, Kelly and Melody, Thursday afternoon at the Galway City bus station. I am very close to my sisters and was beyond thrilled to show them my new life in Ireland. Luke knows how much I value my friendship with my sisters and he was extremely supportive and excited himself to spend some quality time with them. My sisters and I had previously planned places we wanted to go, and things we wanted to see. What I didn’t know is that Luke was in sneaky communication with them, and had some alternative plans in store. I was so focused on my sister’s arrival that being proposed to was in a far distance.


Now let’s rewind here a little. I knew a proposal was on its way. I just didn’t know where, how, or when. We have been together for over three years and we knew we didn’t want to ever be with anyone else about 6 months into our relationship. We have talked seriously about marriage for quite some time, we’ve gone ring shopping, and anyone close to us knew it was on its way; they also knew that I was very excited/eager for it. However, Luke, is so Luke. I mean that in the greatest way. He’s patient, sneaky, romantic, and reserved. Luke has been on his own plan; which makes this all the more special. He knows what he wants when he wants it and will wait for the perfect moment. That is just what he did. You got me Luke, you got me good you, sneak.


Okay, back to the excitement over my sisters. Thursday was filled with lots of hugs and catching up. We enjoyed a few pints while listening to live music and enjoying what we knew would be such a special time as sisters. Little did I know how special this would be. We went home, and before bed I mentioned going on a walk in the morning. What I didn’t notice was the smirks and giggles being passed across the room as my backed turned…


I went to bed all smiles simply because of the presence of my sisters. My sisters and Luke went to bed with butterflies because they knew what the next morning held…


The morning started early because we had a long day ahead of us. Friday was the last day before midterm break at school. My sisters were escorting me to work that day to meet my students and see where I teach. My students had planned a whole party for them; it was already going to be an eventful day. I was a little stressed about time. I wanted to allow time for a walk, coffee, breakfast, and get ready. Luke was extra lovey; he was giving me hugs, kisses, and just happily looking at me. Unfortunately, I was a little annoyed because I was trying to pick up the air mattress and he wouldn’t stop hugging me! Thank goodness I apologized for being slightly stressed before I left the house. Phew. He just laughed, he knew his life was about to change, too.


I kissed Luke goodbye to go on our walk and said I’d see him in about an hour. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate leaving for a morning walk and returning a wife-to-be.


The time with my sisters was priceless. We walked along the calm ocean, took pictures as the sun rose, laughed, hugged, and casually chatted. I watched them breathe the fresh Ireland air. The morning wasn’t about me, it was about them, I thought. They looked relaxed, and genuinely at peace this quiet morning. Even with out a proposal, it would have been a beautiful morning with my siblings.


Luke and I have a spot, you see. We call it “Pride Rock”. Yup, from Lion King. There is a large memorial rock placed in a beautiful spot by our home. We often go walk over there and sit on a bench that over looks the ocean and a lighthouse. It’s an extraordinary place; a place we called our own. I had casually discussed “Pride Rock” with my sisters previously and they insisted on walking over there this very morning. I offered to go home and be the first to shower while they go check it out but they wanted me there. I wonder why?


After our tasty cappuccino and scones, we strolled along the Salthill promenade and found ourselves nearing this special area. Their cameras and Flip (for video) were out all morning. I knew they were admiring the landscape, I didn’t realize they were really admiring my oblivion. Kelly asked me to show her this distinct bench and told me to stand on it while she took a picture of the capturing Galway Bay behind me. While I hopped on the bench, I noticed a man holding an umbrella on the rocks yet I never thought twice about it. I stood on the bench, did some goofy pose like I was asked while Kelly snapped a quick picture. At that very moment, I turned around to find….


Oh man, my heart is racing all over again while I replay this very moment. My hands are shaky and my tummy is bouncy with excitement.


I turned around to find this tall, dark, and handsome man positioned next to me. This man who satisfied my prayers for so long was reaching for my hands while stealing my heart for the millionth time. His brilliant green eyes were sweet, tender, and candid. His posture was proud with intent. He was glowing, for this was his moment as much as it was mine.


His look gave it away, along with the paparazzi pictures from my sisters too. It was that moment that I squeaked, “holyyyyyy cooowwwww.” I knew this was the moment I dreamt about for so long.


Luke continued to stare at me, never losing focus, for he had waited for this as long as I had. His eyes grew glossy, never shedding a tear, but pouring out devotion with each breath. He found the perfect words that were unselfish and charming to my ears. He calmly, coolly, and collectively talked about the adoration since day one, memories together, and the desire to build more…


My heart was racing and my insides felt like I had just jumped out of an airplane. I couldn’t believe THE moment was finally here. The moment I spent countless nights pondering about. I was elated! Not because I could begin planning a wedding with pretty flowers, rather, I was about to say YES to my best friend.


Before I knew it, Luke was on one knee with a little black box in his hand. With confidence he asked, “Katie, I love you, will you marry me?”




The little black box did not have a girl’s best friend in it; it was better. In the little black box perched an Irish tradition, a Claddagh ring.


The Claddagh ring is worn by people all over the world as a symbol of love, loyalty, friendship and fidelity. The hands are there for friendship, the heart is there for love, for loyalty, the crown is raised above. The Claddagh ring is said to have originated in the Claddagh village on the shores of Galway Bay (where we live). The distinctive Claddagh ring is notable for its design, two hands holding a heart which wears a crown. This design is explained in the motto, “Let Love and Friendship Reign”. In the Claddagh village, it was the traditional wedding ring for hundreds of years.


Now and forever the Claddagh ring will hold an even more valuable meaning for us as a couple. In the very spot he proposed was the very village this significant tradition began hundreds of years ago. Although it is only a temporary engagement ring (he made sure to mention that I can pick my real ring when we return) it encompasses an even deeper meaning than a silly little diamond. His words, thoughtfulness, and careful consideration made for the perfect 30 seconds ever to exist.


Naturally I soon asked, “Do my parents know?” It was a silly question, really. He had Skyped them nearly a month ago to ask for their blessing. Both our families are extremely joyful which I already knew they would be. I called my parents and woke them up in the middle of the night (due to the time change). It was then that the tears began to flow. I was so freakin’ happy.


And that was it.


We’re engaged, and it feels awesome.

The Lord said, “If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed, you would tell this sycamore tree, ‘Be uprooted, and be planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.” (Luke 17:6)


Thanks Lord, for all the faith.



Now I sit and ponder.

Planning a wedding...check.

Saying I do...check.

Celebrating our marriage in Southeast be continued.


I'm excited!


Here's our first time ever publicized our engagement...on camera!

Click here to watch!

PS: if you are ever a part of someones engagement, at least tell them to brush their teeth and comb their hair. YIKES!


Stay tuned!



  1. Love it! Luke is the man. What style. Everything about the proposal was perfect, especially the woman he picked. I love you both.

  2. aww thanks Dad. I can't wait to hug you...TODAY!

  3. that video brings back so many amazing memories!!! i'm so thankful we got to be part of your engagement. and i'm so thankful to watch you two grow together! i love you guys!!!