August 12, 2012

Fearless moral inventory

Good morning.

It's Sunday, what a beautiful day!

I just finished watching an online video of Canyon Ridge Christian Church sermon from a few weeks ago.

It was titled "Fearless HONEST Moral Inventory".

Think about those words one-by-one: Fearless....honest...moral....inventory.

I really enjoyed this message and feel very pushed to share my interpretation.

Why? I have no idea. I just do.

This message is in a series called Road to Recovery.

Instantly, I'm sure most of you tuned out, thinking you have nothing to recover from. Right?

What about a broken family tie, a lost friendship, a lasting argument with your spouse?

Or even deeper a family divorce, a lost loved one, or the pills you hide in your purse?

Ever been through a traumatic accident or watched a loved one go through one?

A poor relationship with a c0-worker, a natural disaster, or a broken heart?

What about a struggle with pornography or a painful childhood?

Do you still think you have NOTHING to recover from?

Just like Pastor Kevin stated, if you think you have no layers to peel away, YOU'RE WRONG.

We all need to work through some junk.

Let's do it!

So the main phrase of the message was "recovery begins with me/we rather than they/them."

Our tendency is to say, "they are the ones that are wrong, they need to say sorry, they need to change."

It most hurtful situations, rarely do we first take a look at me or we.

Kevin continues to quote the a popular verse from Matthew 7, "Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?"

Recovery begins with me or we. It requires a Fearless Honest Moral Inventory. In other words fearless detailed honest look at yourself, FIRST.

The message continues and the words that stuck out to me were, "no sin is ever okay."

This stuck out to me because I feel I try to look at me and my actions in difficult situations. However, I justify more than I realized. I justify my own sinful gossip because THEY hurt me. THEY THEY THEY. What THEY did or what happened to me seems to override what I did most of the time. Even worse, I think I'm pretty good at justifying.

What if I was great at acknowledging my sin rather than great at pointing out someone else's?

No sin is ever okay, even if I've been hurt.

I'll repeat.

No sin is ever okay.


Talk about a moral inventory.

Pretty powerful, right?

Couldn't a better understanding of this change all of our actions and reactions?

Couldn't realizing that no matter what we've been through it's not an excuse to hurt others?

Man, I wish I understood that 6 years ago!

You know why I'm comfortable enough to publicly say that? Because I know I'm not alone.

Kevin continues to say that the 5 toughest words to say are, "I was wrong, I'm sorry."

We're waiting for people to say that to us, but, do WE need to say that?

It's part of that Fearless honest moral inventory.

In the end the exciting part is that God loves us so much that there's hope. He knows we struggle with all sorts of sin and HE STILL LOVES US. Grace has power to break through our own junk. The more junk we ALL breakthrough the better society we live in. AND, WE ALL HAVE JUNK!

Let's work together to live as more humble, generous, junk-free people.

My prayer is that God reveals my need of recovery, gives me a humble heart, and guides me to remember it begins with me. I pray that I can be better at handling hurt and mindful of  hurting others.

I encourage you to listen to the same sermon that I did.

Kevin does a much better job. Here's the link!

I'm not pointing fingers at you, don't walk away feeling that way.

I hope this brings you deep thoughts that give you a change of heart.

 I didn't think I "needed" this either.

We all have things to recover from and it's time to stop hiding and start praying.

God promises us healing but it starts with asking.

God bless you today!



Ps! Here's a sneak peek from my weekend. Witnessing this gives me slight baby fever. Maybe.


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