August 10, 2012

FRIENDS! We bought a HOUSE!


I last blogged on the 29th of July.

Today is August 10th.

Where have I been?!

Drum roll please...


Remember when I said we have lots of exciting news to share?!

Well, the MVP and I are OFFICIALLY homeowners!

God has been pretty AMAZING and has kept us VERY busy.

First Thailand now a house?!

Can I get an AMEN?!?!?!

Thank you to close friends and family who have prayed with us and supported us through this process...seriously, you all are AWESOME. From the bottom of our very full hearts THANK YOU.

Also a BIG thanks to Kent Lay, our dear family friend AND realtor. Looking to buy a home? Contact me for his info!

Okay, you ready for some pictures?!

I'm short on time so my iPhone pictures will have to suffice.

As a blogger I should have taken pictures of the move. You know, the boxes, greasy food, sweaty people, and celebration. But, I failed. OH POOP.

Our first starter home!

Even a trip to Lowe's is fun with HIM.

A house warming gift from my in-laws. You guys, I have the GREATEST in-laws!

Our new and FIRST fridge! We scored and got it on CLEARANCE.

***TIP*** See if they sell the floor models...fridges last for YEARS. A few months on the floor is nothin'.

It's installed now and we're pretty crazy about it.

Who knew we'd be in love with a fridge? MVP, what's wrong with us?!

Last but certainly not least, our FULL personality Halo.

She loves her new backyard!

I debated taking more pictures but to be honest I like to leave some mystery!

You will however be seeing my kitchen inspiration boards VERY soon.

Big DIY plans in the near future!

Man, it feels good to be back on track.

Thanks for your patience, readers!

big BIG hugs.



PS: I have a LIST of people to return phone calls to. YOU know who you are...I'm sorry! Thanks for your patience :]

PPS: I have a hot date tonight with my man. We may be married but we still DATE! I'm looking forward to red lips, red wine, and a smokin' hot man. EEEEEEEE!


  1. I loveee you guys!!!!!!! you are way too cute. Congrats on the new home :] so blessed. Hope to see you two loves soon. xoxo

  2. Congratulations!! So exciting!!!

  3. Thank Ky!!! You're in a new home too!!! So exciting! Don't you love married life?! Games and drinks here or there I don't care I just want to get together!