August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, sis!

Happy Birthday, TO YOU.

Happy Birthday, TO YOU. 

Happy Birthday Dear Sissy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Meet Kelly.

I am so proud she is MY sister.

This woman is incredible. Today is her birthday and I want to brag about her!

First off, ain't she a beauty?!


Kelly is one of the most interesting, intelligent, and intriguing human beings.

She deeply cares about people and her relationships with people.

She's honest and pure in her thoughts and motives.

She embraces God's love and shows others how to love...daily.

She's the BEST Mom...(I've been taking notes since day 1)!

She's an incredible wife (which I've also been taking notes).

She's passionate about the things she believes in...she pushes me in places I would have never pushed myself.

She's dedicated to her family, friends, and God.

Kelly, it's inspiring just to watch you live.

I watch you from the sidelines ALL THE TIME.

I don't say it enough of how dear you are to my soul.

Lucky me, I connected in your web of love!

Happy Birthday.

I love you, forever.


baby sis!