October 12, 2012

Take me back to the Emerald Isle

I adore the rain.

It is safe to say that most Las Vegans enjoy the stormy occasion considering we are so starved of moisture.

When I hear, smell, feel, see, and even taste rain it triggers my inner Irish.

Take me back to Ireland.

 Seriously MVP, when can we go back???

I vividly remember laying in bed (shivering because we couldn't afford heat) listening to the rain tap the ocean.

Living on the Galway Bay, our biggest concern was which pub we fancied the most and which band we wanted to sway to next.

We played cards...every evening.

We had no tv, no radio, little internet, and hardly any hot water or fully dried clothing.

We slept in Saturday mornings and held hands strolling to the weekend market.

We ate donuts like it was our job.

We walked (and majorly fell) in the snow and rain and laughed our cold butts off.

Remember MVP when you were SO mad because a car purposely SOAKED you with water? HA. You said some very naughty words!

We ate frozen pizza and pasta just about every night.

I blabbed about my funny students and my funny students blabbed about my fiance!

We watched the sun set over the navy ocean; each setting was just as radiant as the one before.

Instant coffee with boiled water was an enjoyable morning ritual.

We gathered groceries daily rather than stocking up for weeks.

We wrote separate journals and prayed together.

We laughed, competed, and challenged each other.

The MVP said will you and I said yes with sisters and scenery as our witnesses.

We explored the small towns and large ones.

We built relationships.

This intense love for Ireland rooted within us, never to leave.

This rain. Oh this rain, takes me back to such tender memories.

Toooooooo many to squeeze into one teeny post.

Please explore the world, my friends.


Click a picture to view the gallery of some Ireland pictures. It's hard to pick just a few...

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I'm so happy its a brisk Friday.

I'm going to ENJOY my weekend.

Are you???




  1. I absolutely love this blog Katie! I read it to my roommates and we all have chills. You're such a great writer! After venting today you reminded me of how wonderful it is here :]

  2. I love your pictures Katie! Makes me so excited! Just two more weeks and I will get to make some wonderful memories of my own in your beautiful Ireland!! I can't wait! :)

  3. It will be a dream for you, too! I'm SOOOOO incredibly jealous!!!

  4. awwww thank you! You will appreciate it more once you are gone! Being away is hard, but TRUST me, you will miss it. I'm so jealous of all your adventures. LIVE IT UP!

  5. Love reading your thoughts, Katie! :) I also like living vicariously through your photos - maybe Parks and I will FINALLY travel outside the country soon. Hello, honeymoon!