November 29, 2012

Is Santa real???

One of my students looked perplexed yesterday.

She appeared troubled and a bit frustrated when a few other students began talking about Santa.

She threw up her arms and shouted, "My Mom said Santa is NOT real. He's just a fake fat man in a red suit."

She's 4, mind you. 

Naturally, the other kids began defending Santa as if he was THEIR personal friend.

"He's magic." "I thaw him." "He hath REINDEER!"

{insert lisp}

I could not let this one girl damage the hopes of so many young minds.

I began to panic attempting to come up with ANY rebuttal.

With worry and confusion the little eyes of crushed hearts stared at me...

I looked at her and sheepishly and mumbled, "Sweetie, My Mommy said Santa is real and I've seen him too." 


She looked at my quizzically and responded, "Well, My Mommy is serious, yours just must be thinking."

And we left it at that.

I wonder how many mommies and daddies answered some challenging questions last night...

I'm excited to teach my kid the REAL meaning of Christmas but ALSO the MAGIC of Santa.

Clearly...I need some help.

Moms and Dads how do you do it?

You can't ruin it when your 4, right???

Happy Thursday!


  1. Your so cute katie. :) hey, I still believe in Santa. I don't know how I'll do it. I'll tell Hailey about Santa. As long as I can with her.

  2. My Sadie is 5 and Kru is 2.5 and I would be just as crushed as her if she came home with thinking that he wasn't. Granted, when the time comes I will quietly ask her to help keep the fun & spirit alive...but 4!?! Poor little girl!

  3. Matt and I had a long talk about whether or not to even start the Santa tradition with our kids. Neither of us are scarred for life, but I was very old before I stopped believing and I did feel betrayed when my parents told me the truth. As Christian parents we worried about the "lie" we would be telling our children. Is it ethical to make them believe something that isn't true? Plus is it right to take the spot light away from the true person of Christmas Jesus Christ? It's a tough decision! However we feared these situations with her peers if she knew the truth and they did not. In the end we have decided not to make a big deal over Santa in our home, but we do not deny he exists. Only one gift under our tree is from Santa. The rest are from us. We also read about and talk about Jesus's birth far more than stories about Santa and his reindeer.