November 25, 2012


Blogging from the car today with a beautiful view of...Barstow. For you long distant readers, Barstow and the surrounding areas are something else! Looks like...brown and TOTALLY boring desert! We left the misty and inviting San Diego and are on our way back home. It's taking everything I have to be happy about leaving and happy about going to work tomorrow. YAY! Yay! Yay! ...this weekend was a reminder of how thankful I am so thankful I will be!

San Diego was GREAT! As usual it was refreshing, welcoming, and gorgeous. We stayed at the Bayfront Hilton, the same place we always stay due to convenient family connections. Thanks, Dad! The Hilton is pet-friendly so guess who went on vacation??? Yup, Halo! She won the hearts of the front desk, valet, housekeeping, guests, and of course, her grandparents. She was quite the "hotel" VIP and loved it. It was so fun to watch her explore, strut, and cuddle into the mass of down feather bedding. We were such proud parents!

Am I boring you yet? If so, good! You are sharing my boredom as HE drives. Why is it that the man always wants to drive?

I could go all deep on you (MVP just said "thats what she said" ha) and tell you everything I'm thankful for but I'm just not in the mood! I'm feeling a tad more feisty and less mushy. Blame it on the pregnant hormones. Or Barstow.

Obviously I'm SO thankful for so many things. I'm thankful for a God, whom I love so deeply, who allows me to feel. He gives us love, forgiveness, grace, and life! All the good things in this world are his and he loves us enough to allow us to enjoy them. There's nothing that I'm thankful for that he didn't gift. So, thank you! My family, including my in-laws, are so awesome. My husband is hot, humble, and hilarious! My dog is so damn cute. I have a baby growing in my belly... Wow! I have old and new friends who I admire. AND I have YOU who are reading this now. THANK YOU! I'm passionate about writing and appreciate all the love and support that you've shown me. Thank you for letting me have a voice and laughing a time or two with me :)

Alright. That's the gushiest I can get right now. I'm getting car sick, oh wait I'm ALWAYS pukey these days, so I'm bouncing. Here's some pictures of our fabulous weekend!

I hope you had a thankful weekend as well. Check back for some preggo updates this week. Not sure how these pictures will upload so forgive me if it's weird. Happy SUNDAY!

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