January 2, 2013

100th post. WOW.

Click. Type. Publish.

This, my friends, is our 100th POST on akupofkatie!


I've talked to friends and prayed about this post for a while.

Knowing it was quickly approaching but not knowing how to approach left me...confused.


I've been praying for my blog to grow in a way that God wants it to grow for a while now.

I began blogging in 2007 when I ventured off to Africa, alone, to volunteer for 3 months.

CLICK HERE to read my very FIRST blog entry on my previous blog.

Blogging began as a journal, or travel diary to document culture, healing, and experiences.

I instantly grew a love for writing in a more public setting.

That blog took me through Africa, college, Europe, getting engaged and getting married, and everything in between.

CLICK HERE to browse my first blog.

I was thirsty for something better, more bloggish, more current.

I wanted not just a travel adventure blog rather a personal lifestyle blog.

So, akupofkatie was born!

(I still want to merge the two but haven't taken the time to figure out how).

CLICK HERE to read the very first post on akupofkatie.

Although in the blogging world 100 posts isn't super-duper hard to do but for me it's a milestone that I was excited to hit.

Thanks to YOU, readers, this blog has grown tremendously since the beginning and I only pray it continues to do so.

I've been hesitant to share because of fear. Fighting against fear, I humbly want to share some exciting stuff that we've done together!

Listen up!

In the last 30 days 37 countries have viewed akupofkatie! 


Since February 25th of 2012, 60 COUNTRIES have viewed akupofkatie! 

stats since feb

I have no idea where these people are GLOBALLY coming from but I am so humbled.

Yes, by you dedicated yet mysterious readers!

God has once again humbled me and you are now a witness to his great answers.

Ask and you shall receive, right?

My prayer wasn't just to grow for popularity.

My prayer is that he would use me and my passion and only grow it if it's what is best for me, for my family.

So, this is a new milestone, a new start.

My prayer remains the same, to grow this blog for his purpose while remaining true to myself, remaining humble.

Readers, will you continue to help me journey through this exciting cyber adventure?

Big bloggers or little bloggers, help me share?

My vision for this is bigger, but I can't do it alone.

I'm excited for 2013.

I'm excited for growth, for all of us.




ps: Thanks for sticking through my grammar errors and katie-isms.

I doubt they'll go away.


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