January 23, 2013

26 Things for her 26th B-Day...written by MVP

I felt that my Beautiful Birthday Blogger Boo could have a break from her blog so I begged her to let me write something in honor of her Birthday.  (Hopefully I don't butcher this... Numbers make sense to me creative writing does not!) Before I begin I just want to say Happy Birthday Babe!!  You have been the best thing that has ever happened to me...seriously. I truly feel that I am the luckiest MVP to have a wife as loving, thoughtful, caring, and most of all FUN.  You make  me a better man and marrying you was the wisest decision I ever made.

So, you Cougar-wife, now that you are the Big Two-Six I figured I would reveal 26 things to your readers (that's what you call them, right?) that they don't know about you.

In no particular order here is the list!

1. Tough girl over here sleeps with a steak knife next to her to "kill the bad guys". I once discovered a butter knife and her response to that was "all of the steak knifes were dirty". Seriously babe, the bad guys probably think you are going to make them a PB&J.

2.  Ms Pee-A-LOT doesn't flush the toilet at night. She claims the loud flushing noise wakes her up.

3. You thought Steve Urkel wore his pants high.  Katie's go to outfit at night is a baggy shirt and my sweatpants that she wears up to her bosoms.

4. She likes to pray for people at crosswalks when she is driving.

5. Buys 2 face washes so she can have 1 in the shower and 1 on the counter.

6. She is legally blind.  Her contacts are -7.5 each!  Her glasses are so thick they are bullet proof.

7. She doesn't know what her favorite color is.

8. She's always worried about me being safe.  I love that about her.

9. She can't stand washing used Tupperware.

10.  She constantly says, uses, writes, and sings incorrect phrases. She has no idea.

11.  She often forgets her social security number.  Good thing I know hers better than she does.

12.  Katie has mastered counter jumping to reach dishes.

13.  She has been told that her hands look "midget-like".

14. Whenever a box of pizza is out it seems that it was attacked by a rodent.  She viciously nibbles the toppings leaving nothing but sauce and bread.

15. RUN FOR COVER when this girl is hungry.

16.  Katie performs extraordinary goofy dance moves around the house...daily.

17.  Has already started praying for our daughter's future husband. She is going to be the best mom.

18.  The house is always under decorating construction.

19.  One of her favorite books is the Great World Atlas. She LOVES to travel.

20. Gummy Bears and fro yo are the way to win her heart, especially when I am in the dog house.

21.  She only weighs herself first thing in the morning, naked, before drinks any water.  Is this a girl thing or what?

22. She is notorious for tinkling in her pants when laughing so hard.

23.  All strangers become friends instantly.  My lovely wife has no filter and ask personal questions right away.  She loves getting to know people.

24. Her name in my phone is "Half Pint", she got that nickname when we were in Ireland.

25. She wrote a letter to her future husband long before we met.  She left blanks for the name and date.  The day before our wedding she read me the letter with my name in the blanks.  I was so touched and am honored she's my wife.

26.  She always tries to be the better person in all situations.  She continually teaches people to forgive and have Christ-like love.  She's not perfect but she is totally ok with it.

There you go guys! Hope you enjoyed this.  I could go on and on but maybe I'll save the rest for next year.

Happy 26th Birthday, my love. Can't wait to celebrate tonight!


(ain't she beautiful?)



  1. OMG.....O.O...this is so adorable, and it makes me feel like I know you two. I am here hoping that this love story lasts forever, and that I find a man like that too!
    Along with that, I am still laughing out loud on the "half-pint" name and what he described your night dress as.
    Happy married life! Happy Birthday!

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting! I'll be sure to let him know you enjoyed it. He's a keeper... For sure!!! You'll find someone...promise! Xo!

  3. aww this was such a fun post !yeh shes gorgeous !

  4. Tell him all his fears were for nothing....and I am hoping he is out there somewhere already looking for me! ;-)

  5. Thank you thank you! I'll tell him! Xo!

  6. awwww so cute!!! Love you two!! Happy Birthday, enjoy it!

  7. MVP!!!!
    THANKYOU for loving our daughter with such devotion and kindness...she truly Is special, and so is the man she's married to. Clearly, Katie's chlidhood prayers for a loving huband have paid off, and my heart grows warm as I imagine the loving home your little one will have the privilege of growing up in......THIS mother's constant prayer, for sure.

    Blessings to you both as we celebrate this joyous day! Happy 26, Kate's!
    Love you both!!

  8. Momma, you're the best. We both love you so!!!

  9. So sweet. Happy Birthday! <3

  10. Thank you! I missed your bday! Ah! Happy belated! :)

  11. Great job Luke. I love how you love my girl.

  12. this was the sweestest thing ever! and my husband makes fun of my for not flushing the toilet and sleeping with a knife too! you two will be the sweetest parents ever. yoor sweet baby is lucky to have parents who love each other so much. that is something i always wanted. songratulations and happy belated birthday kates mcgee <3

  13. Awwww thanks courtney!!! We're not perfect but we certainly love each other :) where are you living these days?!?

  14. some of these things just continue to remind me of how much we are alike! I still remember our first cheer camp together getting to know you :) love it!