January 24, 2013

Birthday Recovery


Part of speech: noun

Definition: the act of returning to normal

Synonyms: rehabilitation, recreation, reformation, return

I'm in birthday recovery.

I had no expectations for my pregnant Thursday, no-big-deal 26th birthday.

It was so RAD, you guys.

It was so rad that I'm still recovering from the love and FUN.

FIRST a HUGE thank you to my witty, smooth, and attentive husband.

Did he not do an AMAZING job writing yesterday???

He deserves a serious round-of-applause!

I feel so blessed, so loved, and so INCREDIBLY humbled.

Thank you my sweet MVP for making me laugh (and pee!) and admiring accepting my quirks.

I'm thankful for us and continue to pray God blesses our marriage!!!

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who contacted me yesterday.

Family near and far, friends old and new, and readers and bloggers that I don't know...

Every status, message, text, phone call, and tweet brought me so much joy.

I was seriously humbled by all the love.

Again, I'm still trying to process all the love.

Readers, (yes hunny, that is what I call them) thank you for tuning in yesterday!

This blog means a lot and is fun for our family so thank you for making it worth our time!


I must stop and get ready for work (TGIF!).

Here's a few pictures from my wonderful day!

birthday261 birthday262 birthday263 birthday264 birthday266 birthday267 birthday268 birthday275

MVP wrote the blog, made breakfast, showed up at work with flowers, left little surprises in my car, wrote me loving card, took me dinner, and gave me the new iPhone 5.




ps: thanks mom and dad gums for my new nutri bullet. CAN'T WAIT to use it!