January 10, 2013

Friday: A Funny Fight!

Remember hunny the day we gazed into each others eyes and said those sweet genuine words,

"I don't think I'll ever be mad at you."?

In fact, you said those words and the gently kissed the tip of my nose. You were SO sincere. Those were the days you thought every nose-flick was cute, every toot smelled like roses, and every kiss with morning breath was oddly enjoyable.

We were in complete awe of each other and allowed every potential annoyance to slip by as cuteness.

Nothing has changed, right?


Now, five years and 7 months later we still find each other irresistible...with a few minor changes.

Changes in which we can argue, be annoyed, and well...FIGHT!

So, out of pure love and admiration for my adorable and lovable MVP, YOU lucky ducks get to be a part of one of our ridiculous, slightly embarrassing, no-good married couples argument.

Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your tushy off!


All couples fight.


If you do, you're normal.

If you don't, hmmmmmmm.

Well the MVP and I have set boundaries for arguing.

Let's get to it with some background knowledge.

I'm not allowed to cuss. 

I cuss when I'm mad. We made a rule. NO CUSSING WHEN WERE FIGHTING. It's rude, inappropriate, and well, hurtful!

He's not allow to walk away.

I  get it, men want to retreat and go into their "cave". Well, we agreed that walking away needs to be at an appropriate time.

Bottom line.

OH! and if you walk away, you're the one to come back.

NO, we haven't signed any contracts, there's no need for that.

We ALWAYS remember the rules and usually inappropriately remind each other.



Boundaries are healthy. It requires a few discussions and experimentation to figure out what boundaries need to be set, but they are important.

So look at your loved one and set some!


So the other night, we were so cozy in each others arms. We kissed, cuddled, and were really happy just relaxing on the couch. There was no previous argument, annoyances, or unresolved frustrations.

We were on cloud nine.

I was so cozy and comfortable I began to doze off. I told him to make sure to wake me when the show was over so I could get a good nights sleep. He said, "I will. I love you."

Next thing I know it's 2 am, my contacts are glued to my eyeballs, and I'm still on the couch.


The right thing to do would have been to not care, get ready for bed, and quickly doze off in our bed.

Nope. I woke up pissed for whatever reason. whoops.

I was cranky and  it was HIS FAULT.

He thought it was funny and his giggles were incredibly annoying.

As we were brushing our teeth, our little sh** pup, peed on my side of the bed.

In the bed, people!

He burst into laughter finding it hilarious which naturally, really set me over the edge. I asked him to change the sheets (with a not-so-happy tone) and instead he chose to just dampen the area with a cold wet wash cloth thinking that would clean it. (such a guy thing to do!)

Who does that?

I was so cranky!

(keep in mind it was the middle of the night!)

This is the point that I said a few cuss words at the dog and HE SAYS I said a few at him too. (I SWEAR I don't remember that part and the next morning he couldn't remember either!)

Well what do you know, he laughingly pointed his finger at me accusing me of "breaking a rule".

In my mind, how dare he point his finger, how dare he make me sleep in pee, and how dare he be laughing at this matter!

I told him I was going to sleep on his side and he responded, "I'll go sleep on the couch so you can have my side."

I guess he was trying to be nice, however, in my head he was "leaving"...which is against the rules. AND, our other rule is you never sleep in another room!

Meanwhile, he was already cozy on the couch and I was feeling like a shmuck. I knew I overreacted and was cranky for NO reason.

Through the walls we "talked" and agreed that this whole thing was actually ridiculous and he walked back in the bedroom. He agreed to just sleep on the pee side and I'd sleep on his side. (why we didn't just changed the sheets, I DON'T KNOW.)

You ready for this?

It was dark, he didn't have his glasses on, and right by his bedside he stepped in a fresh pile of poop.


Now, I was the one hysterically laughing, (which of course made him mad). He started yelling at Halo, which made me mad.

It was one giant clusterf***.

As he was cleaning in up, I leaned over the bed to see it, he didn't know I was leaning over and BAM his head went straight into my nose.

It hurt so bad, I couldn't help but tear up!

With crap in his hand and an almost bloody nose we both looked at each other and finally began laughing together.

This night could not get ANY worse.

We were stomach hurting laughing at 2:30 am over this ridiculous debacle.

He cleaned the crap off his foot, my nose stopped throbbing, and we rested.

The only one sleeping in a different room this night was...Halo.


 I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of a not-so-normal evening with the Gums.

We are still laughing and unfortunately still training our dog!!!

Go set those boundaries!





  1. Aww, I hope everything is okay now. I will go set some boundaries with Dennis, thats some good advice :) and we fight too. By the way, does Luke know u wrote that? Have a good day, Kates.. Love you

  2. LOL!! Too funny!! I can say we have had a few of those :)

  3. Haven't all couples?! Ha! The brave are just willing to admit it ;)

  4. Of course he knows! :) he reads most blogs before they are even posted.

  5. I am sick and snot literally flew out of my nose from laughing at this blog post! Me and Antwone have set boundaries because I tend to yell and say foul words. I tried to use the "I am Italian" excuse, but 8 years later that doesn't work anymore! I can't cuss or scream and he can't just sit there and not say anything which he tends to do. Thank you for sharing your boundaries! I just love your blog :)

  6. ha! I'm sick too! I'm so glad you're reading and I'm even happier it can bring you smiles! I've got to hear some of your stories! Feel better!