January 4, 2013

Preggo questions: PART 1


I've had a butt load of people ask me the same questions.

I don't mind AT ALL (so if you've asked me, I thank you!)

I figured since some friends and some strangers are asking the same questions I might as well answer them on here!

For you mystery readers who want to know but won't reveal yourself (sneaky sneaky) my information is now yours!

Since I tend to type chapter books, I decided to spare your eyes and answer these questions...slowly.

Here is a list of questions that I will be answering over the next who knows how many posts!

(if you want MORE details or have MORE questions, just ask people!)

1. How far along are you?

2. Do you know the name of your baby? Do you have a list of names? WHAT ARE THEY?

3. Who is your doctor? Do you recommend your doctor?

4. Why do you go to a high risk doctor?

5. Were you trying to get pregnant? (love this question!)

6. Do you have any tips to get pregnant?

7. How is the sex now that you are pregnant? (This is one of the most COMMON questions!)

8. Do you take prenatal vitamins? If so, which ones?

9. How are you feeling in your second trimester?

10. How much weight have you gained? (Do I have to answer this?) How do you handle the weight gain?

11. Do you have the pregnancy glow?

12. Can you feel your baby move yet?

13. Where are you going to deliver?

14. Do you want an epidural?

15. Do you prefer vaginal or C-section birth?

16. Do you cry more? How do you handle hormones and anxiety?

17. Are you going to work next year?

18. Do you want to be a stay-at-home mom?

19. What kind of workouts do you do?

20. What apps do you like about pregnancy?

21. How is MVP handling all of this? Handling you??? (oh, I love this question! Perhaps I'll let him answer this)

22. Are you wearing maternity clothes?

23. What makeup products do you use? (for pregnancy? not sure I understand but I'll do my best)

24. How will Halo adjust to being a big sister? (reminder: Halo is our pup!)

25. Last but not least, how has your body REALLY changed?

Okay this is a good start! I'm looking forward to hopefully bringing you honestly and laughter!

I think you've read enough today so I'll save a few answers for next week!

HOT TOPICS next week: THE BACHELOR, Friends and french toast, preggo secrets: revealed, a fight between US, and hmmm....not sure.




I'm spending my last few days in Sunny San Diego with my parents before school starts again...

MVP, can we move here?

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