January 27, 2013

Sex and weight gain: answered.

It's Monday.


This weekend was busy...filled with basketball, bunko, and burritos. (yum)

Here's questions 6-10 and an update at the end!

CLICK HERE if you don't know what questions I'm talking about.


6. Do you have any tips to get pregnant?

A. Don't stress about it (even though you REALLY hope for it)

B. Plan ahead and MAKE SURE your body and hormones are in a healthy place to try and conceive

C. Have a lot of sex!

7. How is the sex now that you are pregnant? (This is one of the most COMMON questions!)

This question never fails to come up in conversation...don't worry, before being pregnant I was curious too!

I've been dancing around this question and how to answer it. I WANT to answer it but because I want to keep my job, I feel a filter is sometimes necessary. Don't be too disappointed, I will leave you with an excerpt from the fabulous and famous, What To Expect When You're Expecting app and book.

"For Dads: Enjoying Sex

The rumors are true: At this stage of the game your wife just might enjoy sex more than she ever has. At this stage of pregnancy the nerves "down there" are seemingly on fire. Ask her if she's up for seduction, and if so, go for it — but go slow (read: don't lay into the entrĂ©e until you've served up a round or two of appetizers), be playful, and most of all, be appreciative. Let her know how sexy she is to you right now, and how wonderful her body feels to you. As always, don't go anywhere without a green light — the roadmap of what feels good and what doesn't may have changed (even since last week). And go easy on those giganto breasts — they still could be very tender now, as they are stretched to their earthly limits."

8. Do you take prenatal vitamins? If so, which ones?

Yes. But, must be honest, I'm not the best at taking them. I was perfect and hardly missed a night in my first trimester. They make me constipated and nauseous and I've slacked a little in my second trimester. I'm not too worried, should I be?

They are called Prenexa and prescribed by my OB.

9. How are you feeling in your second trimester?

Like a fabulous whale.

I have way more energy and excitement in my second trimester. The thought of soon meeting my baby girl is enough to make me cry cry cry. Oh wait, those are the hormones. No really, compared to my first trimester, I feel fabulous. A little tired and occasionally  nauseous but for the most part, I'm feeling good.

However, I grow bigger every day now and lately my fingers look like little fat sausage turkey links.


I'm pretty sure I've been able to control my hormones, other than the occasional BACK OFF, BEFORE I CHOP YOU  moments. Nothing major, he he.

10. How much weight have you gained? (Do I have to answer this?) How do you handle the weight gain?

Oh heavens. THIS QUESTIONS BLOWS ASS. I'm juss sayin'.

I'm 21 (almost 22) weeks pregnant and I've gained about 12 pounds, give or take depending on the day hour.

AND, that was as of a few days ago and I swear I'm bigger.

The books say at this stage 10-16 pounds is normal.

Who fricken' knows.

Regardless, of whats normal or whats not, this is the LAST time I'll answer this question.

Whether its a lot, or a little, or right on, I feel like a whale! 

How do I handle the weight gain?

I remind myself DAILY that this is only temporary and at the end of this I will have a gorgeous little peanut.

It sucks and to be honest (I hate being honest right now) I find myself panicking probably way too often.

I've stopped comparing myself to other woman and when people compliment me, I just say "thank you".

I'm trying not to ruin the experience by always listening to my own negative thoughts.

Truly this is an incredible journey and unfortunately, I'm only half way there!

There's no fighting the roundness so BRING IT ON, BABY.

Literally, BABY, bring it on.


21 week update!


Here's to a new week!

adios, ciao, bye, see ya,


PS: I love the blogging world!

Thank God It's First Grade

Go check her out...I've been featured by the SWEETIE in the blog above. 

Thanks Susan for the lovely shout out!

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