February 27, 2013

Being "prenatal" and happy about it!

Last night I endured yet again another kegel session (prenatal yoga class).

This time, one with out so much laughter.

This evening, I was nearly in tears.

For some reason the class was overcrowded...usually there is about 5-8 ladies and this time there was about 15.

Already feeling cramped and uncomfortable, it was the MOST comfortable I've felt in a long time. Being in a room full of women supplying life to little peanuts was so...amazing. It was amazing enough to make big ol' puddles in my eyes.

Being pregnant brings me so much gladness and gratitude.

As you have read on my blog, pregnancy comes with all sorts of things. It's not easy but it is quite frankly one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever been blessed with.

I truly hope and wish and pray that you reading understand my humor, and see my amusement through the funny stuff. I oddly enough enjoy the uncomfortable moments and LOVE laughing about them, with you. However, I hope you also sense the pure joy and excitement beaming within. Being pregnant comes with interesting moments but the good FAR exceeds the bad. It's  worth every second;  not a blessing I take for granted.


I woke up not feeling guilty for my funny post yesterday (because we must laugh, people!) but wanted to make sure my readers knew my unconditional love for this baby girl and my sincere gratitude to our God for this blessing.

This is HIS work, in me,

Thank you for giggling and experiencing the peaks and valleys of pregnancy right along me.

You make me feel like it's safe to show all sides, so I thank YOU.


xo, kates.

"Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead!"

1 Peter 1:6


  1. don't feel guilty! it was SO funny! trust me, none of us were judging you or thinking you weren't totally enamored with you daughter. You expressing the funny things is one reason we love you so much and follow you! Keep on posting! Trust your judgment because it has served you well so far.

  2. You're the best auntie Mel! Xoxoxo xoxoxo. Thanks for that!

  3. Are you kidding. We loved yesterday's post. It was absolutely true to the T. We could tell in your voice that it was posted with great love, joy and laughter. it was you. Having four pregnancy, and every
    Pregnancy being different, made me feel like I was not alone. I was not the only one laughing at the things I could not control. keeping writing with your heart. I love waking up to a cup of Katie.

  4. Wow thanks thanks thanks thanks! I know we're both super busy but I want to get with you and help you start your blog!