February 14, 2013

GUEST POST: Kayla's words about INDIA!

Hi readers, bloggers, friends and family!

This is my first ever, guest appearance on a blog, so bare with me!  I’ve always hated journaling, but I have convinced myself this is totally different only to fulfill the special request by Kates for me to write a tiny bit about my mission trip to India.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Katie since 6th grade!  I can’t believe in a few months, she will add “mommy” to the long list of things that “she is!”  We used to stay up for hours talking about this day-no joke! Arguably the most important of all that “she is:” Katie is a huge advocate and example of Christ’s love. She has played a large role in my life and my faith; always fanning a deep fire in my soul to know more about God. He must be so pleased with her. Aside from her love for Christ, Katie loves to travel, as many of you know!  Her 3 months spent serving, growing and loving on children at various orphanages in Africa, has always been a momentous event in her life and our friendship. I mention all of this because I was affected, inspired and finally, brave enough to go on my own adventure to a far away land to serve, grow and love.

I was accepted to go on my mission trip in August, spent 4 months training-mentally, physically, spiritually emotionally- then off I went with 25 others from my local church in Costa Mesa, CA!  I tend to get wordy, so I’ll spare you as many deets as possible, but how do I begin to describe what those next two weeks looked like, felt like and meant to me?  Hmmm…

How about this, since Katie is a fantastic bullet pointer, I’ll highlight some underlying themes?

1)     SERVICE. I was so in awe of the humble hearts that greeted us in India.  The staff at Harvest India (the organization our church partners with) is comprised of the most kind, warm, loving and lovable individuals.  We practically had pastors and leaders serving us our meals, daily.  Who am I to receive that kind of service?  What beautiful examples of how Christ calls us to be.

2)     FELLOWSHIP. Imagine: sleeping, eating, peeing, driving, crying, praying, laughing, worshipping, and _______ (insert other daily activity), that was us. 24-7. Jealous?  No, but seriously.  I went with an amazing group of people, who have such a big passion for God and serving others.  I was so blessed to see God’s different spiritual gifts so tangible in India.

3)     FAITH. My faith pales in comparison to the faith of these people, guys. It was humbling and a HUGE eye opener for me. The bishop and head of Harvest India, Suresh, and his wife Christina were fasting for 40 DAYS when we arrived.  They had a stranger walk up to their home with his deaf son to ask for prayers of healing!  I heard stories from the woman saved from sex trafficking about REAL life, physical healings from cancers and tumors—the type of miracles we read about in the New Testament. These are just a few of MANY stories and testimonies.  Jesus is as alive today and He was back then, but don’t take my word for it, go to India!  I pray the church in our country experiences a reawakening to true faith in Christ.

4)     HOPE. Aw, hope. My leader and I recently had dinner; she observed and described she felt “a thick hope” surrounding me. Coincidental that HOPE was the last word I wrote in my journal from India. The stories of healing, testimonies of redemption, the peace of the poor and sick..I left India with a new sense of the word.  I’m FOREVER grateful to God for calling me on this mission.  I’m excited to see what He has in store for my life and the lives of my new family.

I have a billion more cool, fun and amazing stories, but I’m undoubtedly WAY beyond my word limit!  I know I hardly did this experience justice, but thank you Kates for letting me share!

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support.  It was deeply felt while I was away.  God is doing BIG things for His Kingdom through the people of Harvest India. If you feel called to join all of the various ministries there, please see the link below or you can contact me directly.

May God bless you all and keep you well, safe and happy!  xoxo Kayla

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  1. Kayla's post has warmed my heart and given me hope.

    Kayla, thank you for your willingness to share your precious life in so many ways, with so many people. Katie tells me often that your friendship has been a profound gift, as well as a great source of strength.
    God is good, and I love reading about the many ways He has touched your life! PLEASE, keep sharing! Oxo

  2. thanks for sharing Kayla! India has a huge part of my heart so it was a joy reading about it through your experience! God is so goodl lets pray for revival to break out here like it is there! xoxo

  3. awesome! my husband and i have officially become pre-field missionaries and this is a huge encouragement and reminder as to why we are doing this!

  4. That's awesome! God is always reminded us :) best wishes in your future travels! Let me know what I can pray for! Also, thanks for reading!

  5. That would be great! If you could pray for god bringing people into our lives to partner with us financially, that would be amazing! If there's anything you need prayer for let me know as well! All the best!