February 7, 2013

...then comes a baby in a baby carriage. HELP!

First came love...


(a whole lotta love!)

Then came marriage...


And then comes a baby in a baby carriage...

its a girl final


Over family dinner last night we were discussing the must-haves of first time parenting...

The time to register is quickly approaching and WE have NO CLUE what the hell we are doing let alone what we need!

Being a first time Mommy, everyone is offering their advice...

As much as I love it, it's a bit overwhelming.


Obviously we need diapers, crib, and stroller but beyond the basics, we're clueless.

Help Wanted.

Hey! Happy Friday!




  1. Me neither, mama! I'll let you know! :)

  2. Here is the thing. You don't really know what you are going to use until she gets here. All Babies are different and some love certain baby gadgets while others hate them. For example almost every baby registry list I have ever seen says you need a noise machine...Audrie would not sleep with a noise machine on, noise yes, noise machine, No!! It's like she knew the noises were fake. Here are the things you probably will use no matter what, and the rest will be trial and error.

    -You already said the big one's crib, diapers, stroller (You also need a car seat can't leave the hospital without it)
    -Baby blankets 5-8, receiving blankets 8-10
    -crib sheets 3-5
    -If you don’t get a water proof crib mattress get 2 mattress covers that are water proof. In the middle of the night when the little angel decides to soil the bed you will thank me :)
    -some kind of baby bath tub (there are a lot to choose from. I think the most inexpensive and easiest to store works the best.)
    -A bassinet, or something for baby to sleep by your bed in for the first few weeks. If you are going to breast feed you might think it's no big deal to walk down the hall every couple of hours to nurse, but by the tenth sleep deprived night it gets really hard to drag yourself out of bed. If the baby is close enough to just pick up and nurse you get more rest and each feeding takes less time!!
    -Something to carry baby in. There are so many baby carriers I can’t even tell you which one is best. But you will want your hands free at times so having a carrier is REALLY helpful!! I personally like the Moby wrap, but Audrie did not so we used a Baby Bjorn.
    - A bottle brush. This is one I did not think of, and I was not given. But it's really the only thing that gets dry milk out of the bottom of bottles.
    -A bottle drying rack.
    -A good diaper bag hopefully with a changing pad attached or inside of it. It’s great to have everything to change the baby, but then end up somewhere where they don’t have changing stations!! Plus I never liked laying Audrie right on the changing stations in bathroom...Yuck!!
    -A play mat of some sort to lay baby on with toys hanging above her head. I have never met a baby who didn’t use these.
    -A Bumbo chair. Great for when they first start eating baby food, but aren't quite big enough for the highchair yet. (You will also want a highchair of some sort.)
    -If you are nursing a Boppy pillow and 2 covers

    Those are the things I couldn't live without for Audrie. Remember even if you are breast feeding you will still want some bottles (you and MVP might want a night out once in a while) and you are probably planning on going back to work.

    This list is for you!! Sometimes we forget we need things for ourselves too :)
    -Nursing covers at least (2)
    -Lanolin nipple cream (sorry TMI) But for the first few days your nipples will be sore and crack if you are nursing you will need this stuff!! It is the best :)
    -A breast pump (again not sure if you are breast feeding if you are you need one)
    -nursing pads, otherwise you will walk around like you just finished a wet tee shirt contest!! (You need this whether you breast feed or not, because your milk comes in either way)

    Here are a few things I consider optional
    -Baby swing/bouncy seat/vibrating seat. Some babies likes these some do not. Some will like all three and some will only like one.
    -noise machine
    -diaper genie (I never had one)

    Ok that’s my list!! Sorry it’s so long

  3. Wow!!! Thank you SO much! Helps a lot :) I hope you're feeling good!!!

  4. When my little sister was born my moms two must haves were the diaper jeanie and a vibrating baby chair (which i think was said in the last comment). Good luck!

  5. I'm feeling good! However, I'm ready to not be pregnant anymore. lol! I'm not the most joyful pregnant lady :) I'm ready to have my baby boy and be done with the whole pregnancy thing FOREVER!!

  6. Okay, we'll since I'm on baby number three I have become a great expert on this. Here is my list although with your first baby I recommend you register for whatever you want and have fun with it. With my first I registered for everything pink, and immediately when I was pregnant with my second wished I hadn't done the pink thing, seeing as boys don't wear pink. Lol but my point is you learn as you go.

    1.At your shower have a diaper raffle. My sister did this and her baby is now almost two and she JUST started buying diapers. Awesome right?
    2. If you plan on breast feeding, a good pump, breast pads for leaky milk, storage bags, nipple cream ( you will def need this), bottles ( I love the born free brand)
    3. Seriously this is amazing. I didn't have it for the other two, but I have it now and it's amazing. He sleeps so well in it. They have more neutral ones as well.
    4. Newborn socks for the hospital, their feet get cold.
    5. Little gowns for at night. It's so much easier to just pull up their Jamie's rather than figure out where the buttons go when you are that tired at night.
    6. Waterproof pads for the dressing table. They will soil this many times in the beginning during changes, it's nice to have a few back ups.
    7. Swing and bouncer.
    8. And last but not least for my list is the BOPPY! This is a must.

    Have fun registering! And seriously have fun, cuz it is. :)

    Ps. I still have baby girl clothes for you

  7. I'm not a mommy but I am a pediatric nurse so I get to hangout with babies and get paid for it :) I love the linen swaddling blankets, they work really well and they don't get too hot. All the mommies at my hospital use the Lily pad covers to prevent leakage if you are going to nurse. Also don't use NUK pacifiers, they are cute but don't help babies with a proper coordinated suck. One that looks like an actual nipple works best. I like Dr Brown bottles but they can be a little complicated to put together. The Sophie giraffes are amazing for when ur little one starts to teethe, they are completely all natural but watch out puppies looove to chew them as well. Also the sleeper sheep are super cute and excellent for white noise to help her sleep especially if you travel and need help getting her to rest in a different environment. I hope this helps! You are going to be such an amazing mommy!

  8. Thanks so much! It's great to hear from mommies and you! Thanks for taking the time to comment AND thanks for reading my blog!

  9. My best advice is to NOT go crazy on the registry! It took 3 solid trips before I felt like I had an appropriate amount of "stuff" on my list, and it turned out to be just that-STUFF. A lot of it ended up getting returned or never used! Here's my input on "must haves:"
    -Gowns (as mentioned above)-SO much easier to change! I also LOVED the sleep sack and swaddling blankets with the velcro.
    -A Pack-n-Play (especially one with an attached changing station and "bassinet" level!) for her to sleep in for the first weeks/months, then to use as a play pen and while traveling
    -Old school cloth diapers/burp cloths. SO versatile and great to have lots of.
    -A baby tub or seat to set in the tub
    -Also agree with above mentioned nursing pads, a good pump, and milk storage bags if planning to BF. I personally never needed the cream, but it may be worth having. Also some comfortable nursing bras/tops/tanks. May seem silly to register for personal items, but the less you have to leave the house for in those first few days the

    Things I would NOT register for:

    Unless there is something you SPECIFICALLY want, people will get these for you regardless. Hmm, I think that's it (and more than you asked for); if I think of anything else or you have any questions call me!

    Good luck registering-don't let it overwhelm you!

  10. I second the Rock 'n Play. It was invaluable when I nannied for triplets!

  11. I second the Rock 'n Play. It was invaluable when I nannied for triplets.

  12. Think about how you want to bath your child. I personally like sink baths- but you have to really clean your sink before each bath (I'd prefer that to cleaning out a baby tub- you have to do you dishes anyway...two birds one stone) but each mom is different. I recently saw a family use a hammock looking thing... looked very comfy for the baby. Also, baby bath products.

    Also, now that people know you are having a girl, you will get CLOTHES, CLOTHES,CLOTHES. Trust me on this. So, don't buy ANY clothes until the very last minute.

    Baby Laundry detergent.

    BIG, thin baby blankets (to properly swaddle a baby, regular size blankets simply aren't big enough).

    Diaper Genie's aren't that necessary as long as the MVP takes the trash out everyday.

  13. Great advice! Thanks so much for always being such an involved reader! xo.

  14. This is awesome and SUPER helpful. Maybe I'll print my registry and let you look at it :] Thanks my dear!

  15. Jas, SO HELPFUL! You've got quite the creative mind :] Danielle said she will see you this weekend, can you give the clothes to her??? Thanks so much!!!!!

  16. Agree tht every baby is different, but these are the things that saved my life...

    -Swing -- the Fisher Price one. Grant still uses it...multiple times a day. It's nice to have a safe place to lay baby when you need to pee reallllllly bad. Plus Grant sleeps in it like a baby!

    -Aden and Anias swaddle blankets. They are honestly the BEST blankies. They are light (so carrying them around doesn't add to the weight) they are breathable so you don't need to freak out (as much) when they fall asleep in the car with it on their laps. Plus they aren't super hot, which will be a major plus this summer!

    -Swaddles/sleep sacks - since you can no longer put blankets with baby when she's sleeping these swaddle/sleep sacks are the closest you'll get to "cuddly blankets." However they do get spit up on/blow outs/etc.. So having a few on hand is nice.

    As far as bottles/pacifiers I would register for a couple different kinds. Baby girl will choose which one she likes but just buying/having only one kind risks you having a lot of extra stuff you can use or return. At least with a couple brands you can find what she likes without spending too much money (hopefully)...

    I agree with not registering for blankets/clothes/stuffed animals because you'll get 200 of them...

    Buy the book "Baby Bargains" it compares all the brands/etc of everything you would need! It was a great tool for me to use!

    Have fun!! Xoxo

  17. Thanks Cherise! This is all so exciting!!!