March 21, 2013

MY tips and terms to March Madness!

You'd think it's Christmas morning in our house today!

The MVP is giddy like a child over MARCH MADNESS.

This is the one weekend that we were NOT allowed to get married, not allowed to be on vacation away from a TV, and not allowed to ask to do honey-do's.

You know when you are dating and you ask all those silly questions like whats your favorite color, food, and holiday???

Well, when it came to holiday, his response was "March Madness".

At the time I was perplexed, for I didn't know March Madness existed in the holiday category.

Six years later, still a bit perplexed, we (including Halo) celebrate March Madness as a holiday in our home.

MVP sets aside vacation days, I however, am going to work. BOO HOO.

Over the last six years I've gone from amateur to a seasoned vet when it comes to The Big Dance.

So ladies and gents, here's some terms and tips I'm quite proud of.


1. Never pick all number 1 seeds to go to the finals

2. Do pick a cinderella team to make it to the sweet 16

3. It's okay to pick teams based on the coaches shoes or school mascot

4. Always pick a 12 over 5 upset. ALWAYS.

5. Bracketology: a confusing mess of stats, rankings, RPI, and match-ups

6. Buzzer beater: heart-pounding, man-yelling, fist-pumping excitement

7. Never ask MVP (or your man) to make dinner the first two days of MM

8. Be prepared to watch the replays and highlights NON STOP and don't complain about it

9. Must have completed bracket in hand, available to refer to, at all times

10. Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley will be our new morning alarm

11. My BEST TIP! Embrace this holiday with your man...he'll love it (and it's actually quite fun!)

Merry March Madness!!!!


Here's my bracket...It's on like Donkey Kong!

My prediction: Louisville Cardinals over Indiana Hoosiers

MVP's prediction: Indiana Hoosiers over Louisville Cardinals

Halo's prediction: Gonzaga Bulldogs over Butler Bulldogs

See YA.




  1. Ahhh. As a Kentucky fan I HATE your final game a LOT ;) But I agree with all your tips, just hoping your predictions don't come true :)

  2. Haha I'm rooting the rebels go far!! Let the games begin!