March 15, 2013

Name Reveal Bracket Challenge and new ultrasound pictures!

As you've been reading, tomorrow is the MVP's couples diaper party. We have been shopping and prepping like crazy for tomorrows festivities!

We will be revealing baby girls name tomorrow and want YOU to be a part of the fun!

My brother-in-law gave us the genius idea to do a name bracket since basketball is on the brain lately!

(Bracket Challenge for March Madness is next week, ladies!)

SO, here's the name bracket challenge!

One of these names is the final name...Can you win???

Fill out a bracket, take a picture of it, and email it to

You could win a prize and your bracket will be featured on the blog!




I love my sister being in town!

It's been so nice going to appointments, shopping, and running errands with her next to me.

Today, we went to my last appointment with my High Risk Doc. I'm sad to leave him but happy I'm now considered a low risk patient! It's hard to believe this is probably the LAST ultrasound before she arrives. WOWZA!

Here's a 3D alien-like picture of her!

ultrasound28 weeks

I always think these pictures are a little creepy BUT when it's your own, they are cute-as-a-button!

Baby girl is healthy and BIG!

She weighs 3 pounds exactly and is STILL measuring tall.  She is measuring a few days ahead but my due date is still the same. Doc says she will most likely be a BIG baby considering my size. Thanks, MVP for that!

We're thankful that she's healthy and continue to pray for healthy growth and a smooth delivery.

Also, thanks Auntie Melody for being there with us today!

Happy Friday, ya'll!

Check back tomorrow MORNING.

BIG BIG BIG news (not just the name) is on the way.

I'm out!



  1. My bet is Ireland! Seems appropriate! :)

  2. Emailed you my bracket! I see Amy picked the same as me :) There are a lot of great names on that bracket though! Can't wait to find out!

  3. I can't wait to see your picks! Good luck my friend! :)

  4. My guess is for Ella or Fiona!!!!!!!! Your baby girl is so precious! We are doing another 3D ultrasound in a month, cannot wait!!

  5. It's the best! I'm sad it's the last one :/ but soon we'll get the real deal! I can't wait for our date and thank you for letting me guest post! :)

  6. Love the cute little 3D ultrasound! Hubby and I finally gave in and got them done and we are so glad we did! We are expecting our first (a baby boy) in May! Such an exciting adventure! I remember when we had the SAHM convo when were just dating too...and I'm now SAHW (Stay at Home Wife) until baby boy gets here...burnt us some carrots when I forgot to add the water when steaming them on Thursday..oops! Feel free to stop on over to Mommy In The Making and check things out! I'm about 2-3 weeks ahead of you I think. Almost 31 weeks now.

    Stopping over from Chronicles of Ruthie Hart :)