March 23, 2013

Spring break road trip!

And we're off again! Im blogging from the wide open roads today. This is the last trip before baby Ireland arrives! Pretty CRAZY, huh? We're looking forward to a week of family hugs, a family baby shower, beach sunsets, and yummy food and drinks! AND hubby/wife time away from work and normal life. We're looking forward to all of it! Follow me on Instagram to get some visuals!

I've been spending the car ride responding to reader emails... I just want to say THANK YOU to YOU, my readers. I'm feeling extremely humbled by all the support from new and old friends, especially those I've never personally met before. I'm so thankful for the blogging community and to the sweet emails, comments, tweets, and likes that warm me up! Emails or not, the love doesn't go unnoticed so please accept this big cyber hug!

Here's our top 5 family tips to beat the boredom blues while road tripping!

1. Play the countries game! Name a country and whatever letter it ends in the next person has to start their country with. Example: Peru. Next player says Uganda.

2. Put the radio on scan. Sing along to all the new stations, especially the Spanish ones!

3. Stop frequently and try a new snack at each stop.

4. Sing TV commercials (especially if you can't sing!). Example: "The best part of waking up, is Folgers in your cup!". You must attempt in your BEST voice. Warning: you may laugh your brains out so make sure you don't have to pee! And don't be shy, belt it ladies and gents!

5. You think you know your driving partner? Play the questions game! Ask your partner, buddy, or family member any question. It stirs up good conversations (and hopefully not arguments!)

What are your tips to beating the boredom blues?







  1. How fun!! We did a road trip this weekend down to Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love road trips. My favorite is making different playlists of different types of music. That way we don't get bored!


  2. Us too! The only problem is our music selections don't always match... 😁

  3. Same here..! Him = Classic Rock // Me = Britney

    Thank baby Jesus, we meet in the middle and both love Country!!!!! Or else, we might have some marital issues ;)