April 17, 2013

33 weeks!

Top o' the mornin' to ya!

33 weeks. 6 weeks 6 days to go. Bring it ON!

I'll tell ya what, it's been a little interesting around here lately. 
I'm going to try and make this short!
I've been in the hospital 3 times now...THREE!
Remember when I went in at 27 weeks because I was having contractions?
Well same thing at week 31 and last week at 32. 
At 31 weeks they put me on medication (procardia) to stop the contractions. 
While on the meds, I was still having contractions, more than just the "normal".
Last Thursday while being monitored in the hospital they were 4-7 minutes apart while on the meds!
The good news? 
The contractions were pre-term contractions NOT pre-labor. 
Although my body is contracting much more than "normal", it is not changing my cervix. YAY!
So, they doubled my medicine (which makes me EXTRA loopy, dizzy, and uncomfortable) and said to come back if things become more intense. 
I believe they are planning on taking me off the meds at 36 weeks and allowing my body to do what it wants to do! 
Please pray that this baby can stay cookin' and that mama can get through work. 
It's getting harder and harder (literally) and I could use a little friendly support!

On a happier note, my baby shower was this weekend!
It was so spectacular, I can't wait to share!
I'm STILL going through the photos and getting sorted so thanks for your patience!

So if you follow me on instagram you've probably already seen all of these. Last week the MVP told me he had researched and ordered a "man" diaper bag. It arrived the other night and he pranced around the house so excited. I found it to be quite adorable. He's SO eager and excited for this baby girl...almost more than mama! I love that he ordered this all by his lonesome. Oh hunny, I love you. 

Insta silly...

This wasn't 33 weeks, perhaps 32? 
Either way, it's adorable. 

Okay, a pineapple? 
No wonder I'm feeling so CRAMPED!
So, how am I feeling otherwise?
To be honest, I'm getting very ready. 
I love being pregnant (believe it or not) and have a feeling I will really miss it once it's done. 
However, I want to meet this little pineapple!
I'm eager to see what she looks like and smells like. 
I'm less anxious about the delivery and more excited about seeing her. 
 My body is getting very tired and heavy...sleep is difficult and even walking is a slight chore.
The contractions make it much more scary... add preggo hormones and it can get a bit messy!
Although it's been "interesting" around here, this little bundle of joy makes me tickled pink...everyday.
I get teary just thinking of the experience and so very THANKFUL God allowed me to be pregnant.
Uncomfortable or not, I'm thrilled to experience this.


Now, we MUST finish the baby room...

Next week our new floors will be in and we can get to work!

I'm feeling loopy from the meds and should probably stop blabbering...

I wish you all a happy Wednesday!!!


  1. I'm sorry you are having those contractions! A friend of mine just had a baby girl 2 months ago and she went through the same thing. Her first baby was 3 weeks early so it was really keeping here on her toes to have all those "practice" contractions. I'm 36 and 2 days today!! WOW! I had some contractions last week that were 3-4 minutes apart for an hour and a half. We were far away from the hospital and home, so I told Matt if they had not stopped by the time we got home I was going to go to the hospital. They stopped as soon as we got home. Hopefully little Ireland will stay in there baking until at least 37 weeks. I'll be praying for you! I can't wait to see all the beautiful babies on their way into the world in the comming weeks :)

    1. You are ALMOST there... it's so crazy! I'm almost there...CRAZY. All this exciting stuff, I don't even know what to do with it!

  2. I'll be 31 weeks Friday, no contractions--but my cervix was measuring short so I had to be put on Progesterone--to keep that little guy cooking. Totally agree with how you are feeling--walking is a chore, sleeping is not what it used to be, and I am starting to feel "heavy" too! We have our hospital tour tomorrow :| eek! :) And the shower this weekend! I'm not "due" until June 21--but I don't think Baby Jack wants to wait that long. HIGH FIVE MAMMA-- we are coming along! :)


    1. How did the tour go??? Your shower pictures are TOO CUTE! That light thing, I totally want! I'm proud of us...we're trucking along!!! Keep me posted!!!!!

  3. I'll be praying for you that you can make it to 37 weeks and that you'll have peace about the situation in the mean time. There are so many emotions running through a nearly 9 months pregnant lady, I remember only too well! I can't wait to see pictures from your shower and of the nursery too!

    Life Alaskan Style 

    1. I'm praying for that too! Doc takes me off my meds at 36 weeks...scary!

  4. Hang in there, mama! You are doing great! I'm such a wimp and stopped working at 15 weeks because my job was too stressful :/ I'm going to be a Stay at Home I just started early with my puppy! lol But I give you so much credit for working still! I would cry every day lol Praying that baby girl keeps cooking until the time is right! God knows when she will enter this world and has a perfect plan! My hubby picked out his own man diaper bag all on his own too :) Partly because the diaper bag I picked looks like more of a purse! ha ha