April 4, 2013

And she's LIVE!


You've been SO patient and I've been missing y'all!

We've been renovating the casa which has left us with no hoo. 

On a happier note...

My blog face-lift is out of recovery and she is now LIVE!


What do you guys think of the new blog?!

I'm thrilled to share her and begin this journey (again) with blogger. 

However, I'm sad to leave my readers and followers from my wordpress site. 

PLEASE! Sign up as a follower on this site! You've been with me from the start and I'd hate to lose you in the move. Share with friends and family and let's turn this exciting page together. You in?

Although I feel we have so much to catch up on, I find it fitting to discuss the new blog process, and the fabulous designer, Aubrey Kinch!

She was fantastic to work with, really. As you know, I'm often quite scatter-brained and she caught on my to my "vision" quite quickly. The problem was I had ideas but none of them really flowed. She patiently and professionally took what I gave her and created the "eclectic and whimsical" look/feel I was going for.  I look forward to working with her again and would HIGHLY recommend her services. 

So, let's get to the design elements, shall we?

Although she only asked for colors, I chose to give her a mini inspiration board of what I originally wanted. I was looking for happy, sassy, bold, and colorful. AND, something MINT. 

Lovely, right? She created a rough draft using what I gave her...

She did a great job at using what I wanted, but once I saw it, I realized it wasn't "me". I suppose I needed to see it to realize I wasn't crazy about the colors in a web context. 
She completely understood and we started from scratch. BOO. 

After literally praying and scouring the web for ideas,  I sent her this new inspiration board along with an email that really made NO SENSE. 

She rolled with it! 

Her creative mind went to WORK, I tell ya. She pinpointed the look, the feel, and sent me some great vibes. 

Here was the rough draft! 

We had no changes and now you are looking at the finished product! 
The design process was fun and I'm very happy with the end product. 
I hope you like it, too! 

Well, well, well. 
It's time to say farewell but I'll be back!

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  1. Home Reno Updates? Do tell!

  2. absolutely in love with the face-lift!!!! Perfect fit :]
    xo. Ky

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! So freakin' cute!


  4. aub did a gorgeous job as per usual!

  5. i LOVE it! This seems to suit you big time, and looks great! xo

  6. Thanks ladies!!! I'm thrilled to have a new look! Stay tuned my friends! xoxoxox