April 18, 2013

Baby shower!

First and foremost a HUGE thank you goes to my mommas!
My mom and mom-in-law hosted a BEAUTIFUL and spectacular shower for me. 
Thank you for all the thought put into the food, decor, drinks, and the event as a whole. 
I felt so very loved by you.
I (and your granddaughter) warmly thank you from the bottom of our mushy-gushy hearts.

To Di who cooked the amazing appetizers and Danielle and Jackie who hosted "Ireland's Bow-tique", THANK YOU!
Every stitch of effort doesn't go unnoticed and I appreciate all your time and love!

To everyone else who helped decorate, move furniture, clean up, or help in ANY way, I thank you!

Friends and family who traveled from far distances JUST to be here to celebrate, many many thanks. I'm humbled that you would choose to spend your time and energy to travel just for me. I love you!

To everyone else who celebrated that day, sent gifts, or exchanged some special thoughts, gracias!

Lastly, to my MVP... oh man, I love you. 
Your sweet simple words on that day were so personal and so very touching. 
Sharing this journey with YOU is an incredible adventure. 
DUDE, we're going to be parents...together. 
Can you BELIEVE it?
Ireland and I are so blessed to have you as our rock.
You're loved.  

Okay, y'all just want the pictures, huh?

Here you go!

 The desserts were amazing! Pictured above is one table but we had another one with gluten-free goodies, cookies, cupcakes, and chocolate dipped pretzels!



Fresh fruit and cheese boards, veggies, and gluten-free crackers...

Bacon wrapped dates, bruschetta, stuffed mushrooms, quiche, and meatballs...

Danielle and Jackie hosted "Ireland's Bow-tique". Guests were invited to create a headpiece for baby and at the end I gave away prizes for the "biggest" and the "sassiest". I have adorable bows for the baby now AND it was so much fun at the shower. GREAT IDEA!

Each one of these girls traveled just for me! Thanks ladies!!!

Long long long time family friends :]

Two preggies and Miss Nevada, Randi. xoxox. 

The HOSTS! xoxoxoxoxoxox

Sangria and wine bar. Wish I could have joined in!


Most picture credit goes to Kelly, my sister. Thanks for snapping away!

Again, I'm very humbled and thankful for such a lovely baby shower. 


  1. Looks like it was a perfect event! Love the "Bow-tique"!!! How cute and special for Ireland to have special bows made just for her :)

    1. Thanks Chandelle! I can't wait to make her wear them, hehe!

  2. OMG Katie!! I am drooling over this shower! Seriously I love how classy/chic it is and the bow-tique... will be using that for a girl shower someday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ireland is loved by so many!

    1. Ruthie my love. Thanks Thanks Thanks! Come back please? I need more of you and more of that milkshake. xoxoxoxoxoxxoxo

  3. This shower is to die for. I have never seen the Bow-tique and I will need to remember this. And you and your sisters make me want bangs in the worst way!!!

    1. Thanks! The bow-tique wasn't my idea but it was a HIT. Certainly remember it! BANG it! I love having bangs!

  4. Seriously, your shower is to die for! And you are THE cutest preggo girl ever.

    1. I wish I felt that way! Thank you though! Seriously!

  5. Looks amazing! And I agree with Meagan, you are definitely one of the cutest pregnant girls ever!
    Life Alaskan Style 

    1. Whitney, you always comment and it warms my heart. Thanks for taking the time to make my day!

  6. You are SO BEAUTIFUL, little mama. Wow. Congrats!!!

    1. Thank you thank you! This made my day, Cara! You are quite the stunner as well!!