April 22, 2013

Home Renovations...part 1

Hi Readers!

I told ya we've been Ba-Ba-Ba-BUSY, right?
Our house is in full renovation! 
(not really FULL but it feels like it!)
The master bedroom, living room, and baby nursery are all under "cosmetic construction". 

Take a peek!

Above is our living room...the AFTER picture believe it or not. This was a pony wall which led to the "den". The den is now the baby's room,  on the other side. TV is mounted now and wall is completely blank. I'm STILL breathing in dry wall dust! We've got a lot of ideas for this wall but first priority: Nursery. 

Gad-zooks it's  hard to even look at this! This is our sad master bedroom. Don't you LOVE the blinds? NOT. Looking forward to new laminate flooring and lots of other new and restored design elements. Priority: NURSERY!

MVP hard at work yesterday in the NURSERY! Thanks to his lovely parents the painting job is finally complete! New floors will be put in Wednesday...EEE! 

I work with Michelle from the blog, 
She got married this weekend!!!
Congrats my love!
Visit her HERE!

This week on the RENO list: 

New floors and garage sale hunting. 

PS: My parents arrive this Friday just to hang with us before Ireland's arrival. Sweet huh?
Can't wait to squeeze them!

Let's kick Monday in the A** and make it a great one!


  1. I love the chandelier in the nursery, so pretty!
    Life Alaskan Style 

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  3. It’s always a good thing to know your priority when doing home improvements. My, you can get easily swayed whilst entering a room, which also needs some tweaking. You should really keep your head straight on the primary goal. I find making a list also helps. ;)